Why is Madhuri Dixit being so difficult?

Why is Madhuri Dixit being so difficult?

If Mads wants to do more in Bollywood, wethinks she needs to be a little more friendly…

We heard that she was coming back again after Aaja Nachle. Big time. Rumours of big films being offered to her – including the Ishqiya sequel and a film with Sanjay Dutt – flew thick and fast. And then more rumours, this time of Madhuri’s bigger refusals. Either that, or stories that she was quoting a big fee for anything offered to her. We wonder what she charged for judging Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa! But the question is, if she wants to come back, why is she being so elusive? The woman is active some social networking sites and clearly wants attention, with two accounts and regular updates of pictures. She is suddenly appearing in ads and is even associated with a popular chef’s television food channel. She has also been signed on as brand ambassador by a gems and jewellery manufacturer. All this means that her PR machinery is working full tilt. So what is it that’s stopping her from coming all out about her passion and talking to the media? Is it the perception that a mother of two cannot be ambitious again, after taking a long break? The likes of Aamir Khan and Salman Khan, once as elusive, have become big friends with the press now – and are breaking records at the BO and in personal appearances. Maybe Madhuri should be inspired by this accessibility? Come to think of it, she was always like this. Even when she was in the numero uno position as a lead actor, she insisted that she was not the “Hi, how are you, let’s party” types. But things were different then. There was hardly anyone to compete with her. Now that Mads is on the other side of her youth (at 44), wethinks she needs to chill a bit, let go of a li’l of her diva attitude, and reap the benefits. Of course, every star has the right to privacy. But heck, if you want something, you gotta give something back too. ‘Cos success will come easy, but won’t stay that way…. Ask a certain Mrs Rai-Bachchan about that one!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Rajni

    “The woman is active on Facebook and clearly wants attention, with two accounts and regular updates of pictures.”

    Haha, Madhuri does not have any FB account. Those are all fakes. She only has a twitter account where she is not active. If you write something about the biggest Diva of all times do some research and then write.

  • Seema

    FB id is Madhuri Dixit Nene

    • Alenka

      And she said on Twitter quite clearly it´s not her.

      BTW why was my previous comment not displayed?

    • Aisha

      Seema thats just a fan page of hers not her personal account. It clearly states on the page that its just a fan running the page

    • madzfan

      That is a fake account. Please!!!

  • Nitesh R. Shahani

    Well..Madhuri has always been enigmatic.Its not an issue to be made out of!…If something comes her way, she is sure to declare it..And for the information of the writer, she has just one Twitter a/c and is on no other networking site!…It is her nature and elegance that differ her from the other stars..and we fans have mainly admired this!..Go get a life, if you really feel that MADHURI DIXIT requires publicity today!….Her status as a star is not comparable to those of today..she has risen way above them, years ago!

    • Aisha

      I totally agree with Nitesh, Madhuri doesn’t require any publicity, she has achieved much more than what today’s actress have. No one can come close to what Madhuri has acheived.
      Her attitude with the media is totally understandable and I fully support her, as the media has recently been talking alot of nonsense about her. SO it serves them right the way Madhuri is treating them.
      Her fans have always been very special and way ahead of any other star & they are never affected by such tactics so stop trying them

  • chankya sharma

    Q. No.1…What happen if Madhuri Dixit Join a Politics ..?

    Q.No.2. If she attend Anna Hazare Hunger strike ..What Happen ..??

    • madzfan

      She’ll never do that

    • Snehil

      I started laughing at your comment.

      Well when madhuri will be in politics, she will smile and let other politicians to learn dance to make them fit and then she will let them to know how to make society ft.

  • arpit arora

    Chottu met Amitabh Bachchan in his office,jagannath.

    Amitabh sir support cause based film. . .

    I AM KALAM :)

  • pappu

    plz i Requst my post

  • madzfan

    This is journalism? Why cant you ppl just post the facts. And for god sake, dont spread rumours that she’s on Facebook. That is a fake account. Anybody with brain can tell that. Please have the guts to post my comment. Media always criticise govt on the name of democracy but cant post a note of criticism for them on their site. Double standards. huh!

    • Debanjan

      Wel dun!

  • pradeep jain

    hiiiiiii Madhuri Dixi jee me aap kaa dewana hu mene aap har film de khe hai mere aap faveret ho muz. aap se milana hai mere mobil.no.

  • tash

    I think you people need to focus on right kind of news and not on this cheap ideas to bring stars like Madhuri down.. Becos she doesnt give out too much you all start accusing her of being self centred or watever..

    She has always been a private person, she doesnt believe in using events or good cause a platform to promote or a PR source to make herself popular..

    She doesnt need to even do that as her popularity doesnt need any of that. By writing the above article you only prove to be one of those cheap bollywood page which relies on bring stars down in the name of gossip.

    And just so you can correct yourself.. Madhuri only has a twitter account. THe facebook account is a fan page and not once but almost 100 times the moderator has mentioned it is her fan page and not Madhuri herself.

    Media should source facts out before publishing as the world relies on you … unless you’ve forgotten your responsibility as a Media page.

    Hope Madhuri or anyone is never demeaned by you guys…Cos her fans will always stand by her

    • Debanjan


  • mrs utkarsha s joshi

    I love Mashuri because she is a mother of two children & yet she wants to continue with her career.

  • sandra

    madhuri dixit just like to build her talent in her 40, nothing can stop her madhuri dixit very confidence person,and madhuri would like to enteract with people,she is the legend and numero uno boliwood until knowno one can be as like her……… nobody……..nobody karan johar said, also madhuri dixit very simple and down to earth person,look the way she speak……… her beauty,her talent,her dancing just completed actor priyangka copra said in film fare a word 2011,sanjay dut said to karan johar when anil kapoor and sanjay dut at cofee with karan program. so boliwood uncompled without madhuri dixit her smile is gooddes. madhuri dixit wold like to learn new things in her 40. go for it………. madhuriji,we all love you. and wait for your movie please………just only not secured people who daes not love you.

  • shakina

    her smile and her beautiful face sign of madhuri dixit personality……..