Why is Madhuri Dixit Nene acting so pricey?

Dedh Ishqiya, Gulaab Gang

The dhak dhak girl made a comeback to Hindi films this year with Dedh Ishqiya and Gulaab Gang, neither of which worked at the box office. So why is she acting so pricey?

Madhuri Dixit-Nene is back in Bollywood. She has done two back to back films, Dedh Ishqiya and Gulaab Gang, but is rejecting all other movie scripts that come her way. Has she become choosy? Or is she acting too pricey? Is she waiting for something too special? We wonder..

Both her films this year did not do that well. Dedh Ishqiya released alongside Yaariyan, which took the lion’s share of the viewership. Then again Gulaab Gang released alongside Queen and Total Siyapaa, and Kangana Ranaut‘s film came out as the winner with flying colours. Also Gulaab Gang had to be indefinitely postponed right before the release because of a court case filed by the original gang of the same name. Although later on it was sorted and the film was released on a short notice, but the court controversy hampered the movie’s business big time.

Now we have heard that there are many filmmakers who are dying to work with Mads but she isn’t too keen. Filmmakers like Zoya Akhtar, Raj Kumar Santoshi and Nikhil Advani had apparently offered her meaty roles in their upcoming films, but Ms Nene refused to work in any of them. However we don’t know anything about these film’s scripts but from the outside it seems that these films would have had a good market especially because they were backed by famous directors. So why is she saying no to all such films? We ask…

Our little birdies inform us that Madhuri is looking for only author backed roles, but is that the only reason? Wethinks that Madhuri is waiting to play roles which provide her with meatier roles in the films, and all filmmakers who are approaching her cannot just bank on her star power anymore. Thus, they are putting her along with an ensemble of actors, which wethinks Madhuri is unhappy with.

Mads has also started her own production house and maybe she is waiting for roles like Meryl Streep’s from The Devil Wears Prada. Although its not surprising that she is picking films carefully because of her two back to back flops, it is also not unavoidable that directors and producers are unwilling to come to her with solo leads, as they are no longer sure of her star power. So doesn’t that leave her acting career in doldrums? Wethinks! So what do you think peeps, is she acting too pricey and choosy?

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  • Sagar Thorat

    What a rubbish report! MAdhuri Dixit still has massive fan following. Gulaab Gang didn’t work as the screenplay was weak. But her acting was very good. She should do good cinema. She doesn’t need to work in such minute roles.

  • Kiru

    Madhuri may be choosy as I feel anybody at such a level wud b choosy. She has to take care of her stardom and be the lead to carry the film solely on her shoulders. Though gulab gang may not have done wonders at the box office, but Madhuri rocks ! ! !
    I believe none of the actresses in the universe can do what Madhuri did in Gulab Gang

  • Gautam Kapoor

    Madhuri rocked both in Dedh Ishqiya & Gulaab Gang. It is a myth that only Box Office numbers determine the star power of an actor. RajKumar Rao’s film Shahid was a flop but he was appreciated and got a National Award for it. Similarly, if you look back into history, Amitabh Bachchan’s first 11 films were flops (1969-1974), but this fact did not stop various film makers to cast him in their movies as they believed him in his potential.

    Madhuri is a Bollywood diva and has nothing to prove to anyone. At 47, she will take up projects which only interests her.

    • Zakir Hussain

      My dear friend Gautam, your comparison Madhuri Dixit with Amitabh bachchan is totally baseless. Let’s know why -
      1. Amitabh Bachchan wasn’t a star in his initial career. People hardly noticed him.
      He did not get movies because he acted well rather he was used as a filler in movies where as Madhuri is already famous and was a big star.
      2. Had Zanjeer would not have been offered to Mr. Bachchan , he would have gone back to his hometown.
      3. Zanjeer was released in 1973 not 1974, prior to Zanjeer he acted with poor confidence ,never looked handsome. Nobody actually liked him.

  • Rupali

    if a film flops it doesn’t mean that it is not a good film, both Dedh and Gulaab are good movies.

  • JC

    Nothing has changed. I still love Madhuri ever since she kicked evil SRK’s ass in Anjaam. I’ll still watch her movies when I can.

  • sana

    Both the films were amazing nd I luv madhuri no matter what…

    • JALSA

      it is her fault!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!when v have tars like deepika,madhuri can eat their dust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!they took all the oppertunities what maduri left them when she left 4 U.S!!!!!!!

  • Jasmine Gupta

    Probably you don’t know about the Star Power Madhuri Dixit has!!!! She is still India’s Favorite and will always will be…. Few Flops and even back to back flops can’t stop her…. She did those movies to do something different and to give a valuable message to the society… She has proved her versatility!!! She is looking for good scripts and definitely she will succeed…. Waiting for Dhak Dhak again…Love You Madhuri

    • Leena Ladli

      I agree she is absolutely my favorite actress and it doesn’t matter what the box office thought or anyone else as long as she had satisfaction with her work. I live in America and even my teacher agrees she is the best. We shouldn’t focus on just 2 movies that might not have done well because every other was amazingly done. She is the best actress and she beats any other who would try to compete. She truly is the queen of any film industry

  • Vishal Nair

    Dedh IShiqiya was NOT A FLOP… It was a PLUS…. Get FACTS RIGHT and her role in GULAAB GANG was appreciated as well… SO NITWITS… PLEASE SHUT UP….

  • Arsalan Ahmed

    Dedh Ishqiya & Gulaab Gang are two films that brilliantly show the ‘greatness’ that is called Madhuri! As far as this whole argument about star-power & box-office figures goes, most of us here know how these figures tend to be exaggerated nowadays.If she chooses to turn down roles because she feels they don’t have much to offer, that’s entirely her decision & there’s no reason to create such a ‘drama’ over this. Though as a die-hard madhurian, I’d totally enjoy her in character roles just for the sake of seeing her on screen more often. She could have nailed Arjun Kapoor’s role in 2States! :)

  • DP

    You guys appear to “thinks” a lot.

  • Suzy

    I agree with Ahmed, she is heading towards 50, and should look into character roles, just like Jaya .B, who was also on the top during her reign.