Why is Mahesh Bhatt going click click click?

We spotted the director taking pictures of Emraan Hashmi and Salman Khan at two different events and we wonder what’s with his new fascination of capturing celebs

Looks like Mahesh Bhatt is on a photographing spree these days. And the evidence rests in some of the recent snaps we have come across. At the launch of Raaz 3’s DVD, while Emraan Hashmi was busy answering media questions and Vikram Bhatt was in a highly contemplative mood, Mahesh Bhatt was seen happily taking a picture of the two on his mobile. Now it doesn’t end here; the veteran filmmaker was also seen getting a shot of Salman Khan at a book launch soiree.

Well, Mahesh Bhatt is either smitten by photography or maybe he has bought a new phone with a heavy-duty fancy camera, which he is happily flaunting. We can’t think of any other reason behind Bhatt’s fixation with randomly going click click on B-town folks…