Why is Mallika Sherawat doing The Bachelorette India?

She knows how to keep the audiences hooked with her charm, but when she is so chic, intelligent and popular, why does the babe need to look for love on television, we wonder…

Like most people, we believe the show, The Bachelorette India – Mere Khayalon Ki Mallika is scripted. However Mallika Sherawat denies it completely. She said, “In the beginning it was like show for me too. As time passed, it became more and more real. I got emotionally attached to the people and it became difficult to send people back home. This show is not scripted and all the emotions and drama in it are very much real.”

So why does someone as hot as the actor need such a platform to find true love? “This just goes to show how pathetic and lonely my life is, that to find love I had to come on TV. The glitz and glamour world I live in is make-believe. There is no reality in it. So many actors marry doctors or businessmen because they want a real relationship with a real man. If I wanted a star or a billionaire I could easily find that, but I wanted something real. I wanted to find true love and I will find that only in India; not in America or Europe. I do not want anyone from the entertainment industry.”

Well if loneliness is really the issue then the actor would not have charged a handsome fee for it, no? If rumours are to be believed the Murder babe has charged the producers about Rs 1 crore per episode. To which Mallika said that she is not denying anything. “I am not denying it. A girl’s got to live.”

Well the actor may not confirm the amount but we know for sure that it wasn’t the search of love that made Mallika sign this show. What do you think BollywoodLifers?