Why is Mika Singh not a celebrity anymore?

Mission Sapne

Well atleast thats how the singer-turned-actor feels about himself. Read on to know why…

Mika Singh has been one of the foremost singers of the present generation but he now considers himself not a celebrity anymore. We wonder what happened…

If we recall Mika had recently swapped lives with a chaiwala on the show Mission Sapne, but little did he know that just a small TV shoot could change his life completely. A source close to the shoot of the show informed a leading daily, “Hearing the chaiwala’s heartwarming story, Mika was moved to tears especially when he realized that Lakhendra Paswan’s hardships could potentially hurt his grandson’s education and ability to turn the family’s fortunes.” In order to raise Lakhendra’s family’s fortunes Mika decided to sell piping hot tea to excited bystanders in the bitter cold of Delhi. It was only in the evening that Mika went to the studio after selling tea for the full day to eager Delhiites.

But when he reached the studio for the shoot in the evening he was a completely changed and transformed man. Mika admitted to having been humbled by the whole experience. He also informed the audience that the day spent selling tea was an eye-opener for him as he came to understand how difficult it is to earn a livelihood for a street chaiwala. He informed others that he was feeling nothing like a celebrity and he wanted to be more hard working like Lakhendra. Mika was very moved when he heard some more stories of hardships from Lakhendra. He was left in tears by Lakhendra’s sad story of life. He therefore decided to vouch for Lakhendra’s grandson’s education and promised to pay every expense needed for his studies.

Now that is what people call a life changing experience. We are still awaiting to see the show on TV and once we see Mission Sapne, maybe we all will also have a new awakening in our lives. Hai na peeps?

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