Why is Nargis Fakhri upset with Imtiaz Ali?

Imtiaz has defended her performance in Rockstar, while everyone else panned it. So why is Nargis claiming the director has wronged her?

Her entry into Bollywood has been like a dream-come-true, especially for someone who isn’t even remotely connected to any of the influential people here. Considering the fact that most of the reviews of her debut film Rockstar have found her to be the biggest weakness of the film, the least she could do is be thankful to director Imtiaz Ali. Apparently she thinks otherwise.She has been heard expressing her disappointment with the fact that Imtiaz got a dubbing artiste to dub her lines in Rockstar. In a recent interview, Nargis said, “I remember spending 10 hours in the office, from Monday to Sunday, dubbing for my own scenes. I did 5-10 scenes, but I don’t know why they weren’t taken. I was very upset that I didn’t get to dub for myself.” We understand Nargis’ disappointment, but she should understand that one of the thumb rules of making it big in Bollywood is to always say only good things about every one. And this statement of hers is not going to down well with Imtiaz, who is still having a tough time defending his decision of casting her in the lead role. We recently heard him saying, “It was difficult to find a girl who could look the part and do the talking too. Also, whatever you do with Ranbir (Kapoor), it’s difficult to play him down. So it became more difficult to find someone who could match up to him. When Nargis joined the set, one of my ADs (assistant director) felt that I had erred in casting her, but slowly it worked out.” Wethinks when the director has shown so much faith in her, Nargis shouldn’t be sulking about things that will not make much of a difference to her career. She should take a cue from fellow foreign import Katrina Kaif, who never complained that others were dubbing for her in her early films and simply used it to her advantage instead.