Why is newbie Rajvvir Aroraa spooked?

Because he had ‘ghostly’ experiences during the shoot of 404

Debutant actor Rajvvir Arora is keeping his fingers crossed. His first film, called 404, will release on May 20, and though psychological thrillers haven’t really proven to be money spinners in Bollywood, he is more excited than nervous about it. He is making the rounds of all the major religious places, though. “I have visited Vrindavan and Shirdi. I couldn’t make it to Ajmer Sharif, but I hope to next time.” What does get a “very religious” Rajvvir a bit jittery is reliving some of the unexplained moments that occurred during the shoot. “We were shooting at the Forest Research Institute one night. Its gate would never open, however hard we tried. We also tried to get electricity, but in vain. There were rumours that spirits haunted the place. Another time, we were shooting at night on a set around 3am when a spot boy actually saw a leopard. Some claimed even tigers visited the place often. We were really spooked.” Shooting for a thriller under such conditions would scare anyone, so we sympathise totally, Rajvvir. “The rest of the time we had a lot of fun, a total blast,” he adds. Of course.