Why is Prateik confused?

Seems Prateik knows how to play with the media – he changes his words at the drop of a hat!

Blame it on commercial tactics or a confused identity. Actor Prateik, it seems, changes his opinion about his off-screen persona according to his convenience or the release of his films. So when his My Friend Pinto, in which Prateik plays a young, effervescent, hippie-at-heart guy, was on the verge of being released, he called himself the industry’s ladies’ man. The Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na actor did not stop there. He also called himself a wild-child and maintained that he fancies being called a cool guy. Now if you think that this 24 year old is outspoken about his wilderness, read what Prateik has to say about himself nowadays. It boggled us completely. Prateik in a recent interview said that he is a very shy and awkward guy. He gets very nervous when he is in public though he craves attention. Oh really? Tell us Prateik, is that the shade of the character you are portraying in your upcoming film Issaq? Do you just want to promote your intense and awkward character before the movie gets released or do you have an identity crisis? Will the real Prateik please stand up?