Why is Preity Zinta hiding her face?

Wed, October 12, 2011 1:45pm IST by
Posted Wed, October 12, 2011 1:45pm IST

The actor was recently spotted at the airport, and it looked as if she was up to something she did not want the world – and us – to see…

Sporting a smart beige fedora, stylish ankle-length boots and carrying a leather jacket, she looked smart, travel-wise and happening. But she had her pretty face down and refused to look us in the eye. And we cannot help wondering why. Anybody in her place would want to flaunt that cool avatar with a great amount of pride and exuberance.Well, there are reasons galore for PZ’s shyness that are crossing our vicious minds at the moment. A lot of noise has been created about the cosmetic treatments this effervescent babe has gone through and apparently not just her fans but even PZ herself is not thrilled with the final results. We reckon, perhaps that’s one of the reasons Ms Zinta is avoiding looking at the lens, us and everything else around her, which makes us a li’l worried about the fact that she might bash headfirst into a pole some day if she continues with this hide-and-seek act. Another possibility could be that she forgot to sprinkle some make-up on her face, and maybe she thought that a stiff and possibly Botoxed profile sans the powder would be a bad idea to show off.  Another possibility could be that Cupid’s arrow has struck the bubbly babe. Smitten by Mr Present beau – whoever he is and we are not saying anything more – PZ may have been lost in love and immersed in a different world altogether. Well Preity, we think next time you could be a little more receptive to your surroundings and to your many fans waiting for that one glimpse of your so…err…charming dimples!



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  • Zayed

    Yeah same woman who rubbished tushaar kapoor when he said he is reminded of her when it comes to cosmetic surgery! This article too is just a precurser given by Zinta so that she can give the next article which will read “Preity Zinta rubbishes reports of dating anyone” Hahha Like we care whether she dates or mates or says she is scared of talking to men after doing it all…People would be happy for her if she srsly found herself a man who would have her and get settled in marriage…but its no point telling her anything for she is “the know it all” and will think we have some ulterior motives. Over and out

    • cutie

      I’m not a fan of Preity, but what is this talk about her marriage? That’s her personal life why don’t you people focus on your life and marriage rather than telling other people when to get married. Maybe she hasn’t found the right person or maybe she doesn’t want to get married at all. She doesn’t have a problem and neither do her family so why do you people care so much? Salman Khan is still not married, go taunt him and tell him to get married, but you won’t because he’s a man and Zinta’s a woman. Double standards.

  • kalki

    Zinta has given this article as a precurser for her next article that wlll say “I am not dating anyone – Preity Zinta” As if we care! People talk of dating when they are 16 not when they are 38 but looks like Zinta is of very low IQ. And no Kareena is not low IQ. She is smart.

    • sonamfan

      so true, she reeeely must be of low IQ. Ppl talk of dating shating when they are 16-18 not when they are nearing 40! Eeeew

    • aaaa

      Kareena is a bich and ugly bleahhh

  • kalki

    kuchh aisa kaala kaam kiya hai kya?

  • Takia

    You were not seen at Mumbai Airport. So which airport is this – US?

  • justin

    hey guys need not to say like all this without knowing anythng.. commenting is the most easiest thng we do.. like me.. preity always appreciated..:)

  • button

    Okaaaay so lets see – more than 12 adjectives and zinta wants us to believe this was not given by her? Shhhhhesh

  • shiny

    OMG PREITY pls do another film with king khan sharuk khan pls pls pls…….may god bless u …

  • Vahidalikhan Rajsthan charwas

    Vahidalikhan chrwas pritey zinta