Why is Priyadarshan ashamed and embarrassed?

The Tezz director is feeling down and out due to the debacle of his latest film, and according to him it is because of the producer’s ‘involvement’

Producers having a say in the final cut of the film is not a new phenomenon in Bollywood and the latest to come to terms with this harsh truth is Tezz director, Priyadarshan. The film opened to a wide release last week and got maximum shows along with the Hollywood filmAvengers but it tanked nevertheless. The critics had a field day ripping the film apart, while the audience opted for the superhero flick.

Apparently more than himself, Priyan is feeling bad about letting his leading man in Tezz, Ajay Devgn down, yet again. The two had worked together in Aakrosh during which they bonded well but the film didn’t do well because of poor publicity. Ajay’s blockbuster track record at the BO got ruined because of the dismal performance of Tezz. The apologetic director said in a recent interview, “Ajay trusted me completely. We had earlier worked in Aakrosh and hit it off beautifully. He signed Tezz because of me. He could’ve done any project but he chose mine instead. And this is what happens! I am deeply ashamed and embarrassed.”

Passing the blame of his film’s failure on producer (Ratan Jain), Priyan said, “The producers took over the film from me after I shot it. It was edited by them. And the results were there for everyone to see. So many people including critics have told me that they couldn’t follow the narration in Tezz because of the editing.” While we aren’t sure what the real story is, our reviewer who suffered the film told us that the biggest flaw of the film was the writing by Robin Bhatt. If you’ve watched Tezz, please do tell us, what do you think was wrong with it.

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