Why is Priyanka Chopra putting on a phoren accent in her interview with The Wall Street Journal?

Why is Priyanka Chopra putting on a phoren accent in her interview with The Wall Street Journal?

Our Jungli billi has forayed into the international world of music. And in her recent interview with The Wall Street Journal’s Lee Hawkins, she made sure that the Westerners understood what she’s saying, by taking on a heavy accent

After Priyanka Chopra went global with her single In My City and with Erase from her album with The Chainsmokers, people from world over have gotten interested in knowing more about our desi babe. And so, you might see Piggy Chops giving interviewers from other countries a sneak peek into her life by talking about her life as a Bollywood actor; the latest one being Lee Hawkins from The Wall Street Journal.

But while PeeCee happily spoke about how she juggles her innumerable commitments, she took on a very heavy accent. And after listening to it for a while, a teeny-weeny voice in our mind begged her to stop. And as if on cue, Priyanka switched on to her natural Indian accent, only to go back to the phoren tones a moment later. Sigh!

Even so, we can’t really complain, not after seeing Aishwarya Rai Bachchan (in an interview with Sir David Frost and Oprah Winfrey) go the same way. So we grit our teeth and accept the accented reality.

But that doesn’t stop us from asking you, readers – Do you like Priyanka Chopra’s accent in the latest interview with Lee Hawkins from The Wall Street Journal?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Lisa

    Don’t you mean foreign accent…not phoren. Besides they are already under a watchful eye…let them be the way they want to be! Support her…not find something to scrutinize her with!

    • sana

      uff i hate her

  • Desifilipina

    It’s FOREIGN!!! This is called journalism?

  • SSS

    Honestly, One reason why India is the way it is, is you guys never know how to support your own talent. Just criticize, scrutinize and make the talent’s life a mess. Maybe you can start talking about her foreign accent after you learn how to spell it or if not make it a point to show that it was a joke!

    • Desifilipina

      I agree with you! Here is a person working hard and achieving everything without a famous bollywood name or a godfather, she has done and is doing very well as an actor and singer and she’s doing a good job representing India on a global platform, you’d think websites like this would be supportive instead of catty and spiteful.

  • Tina

    Guys it’s a pun :D Foreign=Phoren=PHOny, joke hai !

  • Nisar

    I personally think u shud mind ur own bussines. she has just baged three world music awards. she delivered hits after hits, she even got rid of that house-breaker tag abit. she is truly the only best export u guys hav to present to foreign markets, in female actors. she has talent, style and krisma. im sure if tabu had same accent thing while promoting her foreing films, u wouldnt have even noticed. u guys need masala.
    she had this accent even while contesting at the miss world. let her grow the way she wants.
    i am not indian, but i think she is just amazing in all ways.

  • mara

    i started became a fan of priyanka after listening to her “in my city” song. i’m not indian so i like hearing her in a different accent.

  • shreya

    Stop writing rubbish articles like this please.. So wat else do you expect her to do? Should she sing like Inmmm maaaaai citttiiiyyyeee..? Pathetic article.. Loos like Kareena aunty has paid for this one..

  • LMAO

    LOL @ “foren.” I stopped reading after that.


    her English is better than u report writers

  • Rabz

    Priyanka is one of the ugliest actors in India. Lived in India her entire life and at 35 hindi bhool gaya! Somebody please tell her to talk real if not look real