Why is Priyanka Chopra sad?

The Exotic gal is missing her papa, Dr Ashok Chopra, and says so in her tweets. Poor baby!

A couple of days ago Priyanka Chopra inaugurated a cancer ward at a Mumbai hospital. She is also said to have contributed a whopping amount of money for the facility. That is all very well – after all, so many Bollywood stars give money and their presence to worthy causes like this one. But what touched us was her tweet that followed. PC said, “Missed my dad so much today.He went to all my events with so much pride with me.Thank u nanavati for dedicating ur new cancer ward to my dad”. Sigh. Poor girl! It has not been that long since her beloved papa died after battling cancer and we know how much that can hurt. But was that why she missed the first trial of her new film, Krrish 3? “first cast n crew trial n I cudnt make it!!! #sadness ! Here is wishing my #Krrish3 team all the luck! @iHrithik Rakesh sir Kangana n Vivek”, Priyanka tweeted.

PC has not bottled it all up. She tweets regularly about her father and has done ever since his passing away on June 10 this year. As she said, “somewhere there is light..somewhere it’s dark..Time to go into the world I can’t control..Zzzzs thank u for looking out for me dad.Miss u”. And “when the night is dark and cold..and the only thing u looked at for comfort is gone..then silence gets louder! Can’t do this without u dad.” And now, these months later, “I don’t know if I held u or u held me… But we stood through it all ..together.. Miss u”. Awwww…

But PC has had a reason to celebrate – her baby brother Siddharth Chopra got engaged to his girlfriend very recently. And what about the star actor herself? She says that though her mother has been wanting to get her married off since she was about 18 years old (she is now 31), she has never been under pressure, not from her father, for sure. And, after all, her papa was very special: “For me, my dad has been my superhero. He always did superhero kind of things in my life. I was his favourite, so he used to pamper me a lot. He was very protective.”