Why is Priyanka Chopra the most dangerous celebrity in Bollywood?

The Barfi! babe has been declared as the most dangerous celebrity. Interestingly PeeCee’s ‘close-friend’ Shahrukh Khan and the Dabangg dude Salman Khan too feature on this notorious list on the second and third position respectively

Last year it was Sunny Leone who was declared the most dangerous celebrity in the cyberspace. And now Priyanka Chopra has clinched the notorious title with an effortless ease, thanks to her incredible popularity. PeeCee has certainly been making her starry presence felt not just with her films in India but she is now an international sensation thanks to her singing talent. The babe has been making waves with her solo single In My City and also with Exotic featuring Pitbull. Obviously, that makes Piggy Chops the most searched B-town celeb, beating even Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan.

Interestingly, and ironically, hackers all over the world steal passwords and personal information from celeb crazy fans that search the web for news and pictures of the favourite stars. These searches for the celebrity’s name with search terms like wallpaper, videos and nude pictures mostly lead to malicious sites. Priyanka being one of the top searched B-town celeb, some of the news revolving around her lead to malicious sites, making our darling star the most dangerous celebrity in the cyberspace!