Why is Qubool Hai getting low TRPs?

The Zee TV show was ranked one of the top three soaps a few months back, but looks like the number game is changing rapidly

Last week’s TAM surprised as well as shocked TV producers. Shows that were about to be pulled off the air got a lease of life and serials which were doing relatively good have sunk really low. The makers of Saraswatichandra who were dwindling between shutting shop and taking the risk of prolonging it are no longer worried.

However, Qubool Hai, which has been ranging as the top three shows since its initiation has sunk even lower than expected. The show is unique, Asad Ahmed Khan (Karan Singh Grover) and Zoya Farooqui’s (Surbhi Jyoti) chemistry rock and every episode is filled with twists and turns – so what went wrong?

Surbhi said, “All TV serials go through ups and down in the TRP game. It’s a normal thing, am sure we will pick up soon. The low TRPs are not because of any particular track. Some things work instantly, while others take time, that’s all. We all are working very hard and our creatives are the same, so time will change.”

Karan is upset with low TRPs and hopes that they do the required changes to bring the numbers up again. He said, “I don’t think we can blame any one thing. A lot of things are happening on this show which we didn’t do earlier. We are trying several new experiments some of which are clearly not working. And everyone is wise enough they’ll wisen up and change it as soon as possible.”

Wethinks calculated risks didn’t pan out as planned is the major reason behind the falling TRPs. After talking to several fans and reading viewers’ comments we have deduced a few reasons. Let’s hope the writers of Qubool Hai are reading this.

#The accidental wedding was a big joke ‘coz it is just not possible.

# Trading a woman between two brothers for whatever reasons just seems barbaric.

# The whole Ayaan and Zoya track is definitely a put off.

# The introduction of Haider (Mohit Sehgal) seems forced. Just get Ayaan back and if the actor is too busy replace him.

# The whole Dilshaad-Rashid-Shireen track is uninteresting and frankly, we couldn’t care less as to what happens to them.

# Lack of Asad and Zoya’s onscreen romance is another joy kill. We need some Mitwa… moments back.

# The story revolving around Haseena Bi, Nikhat and Farhaan makes us yawn…

That about sums it up; if the makers sort out all these issues, we are sure the TRPs will rise again. What do you think BollywoodLifers?