Why is Rajinikanth avoiding Narendra Modi’s swearing-in ceremony?

The Kochadaiiyaan superstar has turned down NaMo‘s invitation to attend his swearing in as Prime Minister in Delhi. Find out why…

The friendship between cine superstar Rajinikanth and PM elect Narendra Modi has been  widely popularised in the media in recent times. The jokes of Rajinikanth’s power behind Modi being the reason for his success has been discussed an umpteen number of times. Well the star friendship is about to receive a setback. Apparently, Rajinikanth has decided to give the NaMo‘s swearing in ceremony a miss!

This declining of invitation by the Thalaiva comes as a shocker, after he and some other big celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan and Salman Khan had received the coveted invitation to attend this exclusive  ceremony. Grapevine has it that  reason behind Rajini’s decision is the political unrest in Tamil Nadu over inviting Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa to the swearing in ceremony. Modi’s invite to Rajpaksa has been severely criticised by regional parties in Tamil Nadu stating that it has hurt Tamil sentiments.

It seems like the K0chadaiiyaan star is trying to play safe, not to irk his Tamil fans down south. However, the Thalaiva  has excused himself from the ceremony stating that he  has cine  commitments and that he would be busy shooting on May 26. Rajinikanth, who has always tried to distance himself from politics, just can’t keep himself away from the limelight as his astonishing decline of the Narendra Modi’s swearing in ceremony invite is bound to get a lot of media attention.Rajini sir is well known for his diplomatic humbleness and his political correctness. We just hope that his politically correct decision to skip Modi’s invite doesn’t miff Narendra Modi and two super heroes in their own forte lead India to bright future.