Why is Ranbir Kapoor angry?

Why is Ranbir Kapoor angry?

The actor is upset with pictures and videos leaking from Corsica

Ranbir Kapoor is not in a good mood! The reason isn’t another tiff with his girlfriend Katrina Kaif, but photos and videos from location of his next film Tamasha making its way to the internet. A source reveals that RK has asked Imitaz Ali to increase security and make sure camera phones aren’t misused to click photos and record songs.

However, this isn’t the first time such an incident has happened with Ranbir and Imtiaz. In fact during the making of Rockstar, several photos and even portions of a song leaked and made its way to the internet. There are reports that Deepika too isn’t happy with bystanders on the set clicking photos of her and RK and putting them on social media.

We wonder if Imtiaz Ali will put a stop to these unwarranted incidents, or will photos and fans will have their way!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Sia

    He wasn’t angry when his Ibiza vacation pictures came out so do you really think he’s bothered by THIS? haha you guys are funnyyyyy.

    • frenz

      haha i was gonna say the same thing if they are letting fans click their pics and vidz ofcourse it will be out on public forum and why will he be angry

    • arohi

      that was one logical comment I have evr read in this site yar. at those bikini pics no one threatened rk but every1 abused Katrina.

  • boyk

    I hate you. just salman and katrina together. finish

  • JC

    These days Ranbir is always angry so what’s new.

  • ahmed khan

    bollywood ka sabse bada idiot.

  • ahmed khan

    bollywood ka sabse bada idiot RANBIR KAPOOR