Why is Ranbir Kapoor so desperate to fly to Sri Lanka?

The Kapoor lad wants to go the neighbouring country way ahead the shoot of his next movie Bombay Velvet directed by Anurag Kashyap. Why is the Barfi! star getting impatient to fly down south, we wonder!

Ranbir Kapoor is a sincere performer. After watching his fabulous acting skills in movies like Barfi! and Rockstar one would know what the young star is made up of. Ranbir is one of those rare actors in B-town who make the business of acting look effortless by working diligently on the characters they play. Even for his upcoming movie Bombay Velvet the young star wants to study not just his character well but also the ambience in which he will function in the days to come.

Director Anurag Kashyap is quite excited about his upcoming Bomaby Velvet. It is a period drama set in the island city during the 60s. The makers have resurrected the sets resembling the old city of Bombay in Sri Lanka.

The core team of the movie has already flown to Sri Lanka with the actors are instructed to fly ten days from here. But Ranbir Kapoor is getting impatient. The 31-year-old star wants to study his character of a street fighter better. Also he wants to study the sets and bond with his co-actors to deliver a good performance. Looks like the Kapoor scion wants to do his homework thoroughly before coming onto the sets with his infectious energy.