Why is Rani Mukerji not doing glamorous roles?

Should the Talaash babe focus more on her image as an actor or take up glamorous characters to give a thrust to her career? Or should Rani venture into production instead? What does the future hold for her? Tarot reveals this week…

Rani Mukerji has finely balanced her career through glamour and acting – she has been appreciated for both, but the cards reveal an interesting state of affairs in the times ahead. Oddly the card of restriction and poor communication – the Eight of Swords has appeared in her reading, therefore it would not be wrong to say that Rani’s focus on just maintaining the image of an actor will see her unable to balance the image of heroine. This is not to say that she is deliberately doing this, but her current work is certainly taking her there. Despite the Star card showing success through a more glamorous avatar, Rani will refrain from it with the fear of being stereotyped. This will just be a phase that may not last longer than April 2014 after which Rani’s roles will be balanced and more varied. She will not subconsciously restrict her work either.

In the coming years, the Death card explains the variation and growth she will display in not just acting work, but also as a producer. She, like the Emperor card, will take on the responsibility and may even be a hard task master! Initially the Eight of Pentacles warns of immense hard work in order to receive the type of success that would come with her name, but she will be determined to see her work being appreciated. This thought is very similar to the response of the animation film, Koochie Koochie Hota Hai in which Rani gives her voice – although the grind of making it is tough and Rani too will find it quite a huge challenge, but the Queen of Wands shows her being appreciated for the quality she will bring to it.

Overall Rani Mukerji’s career will be ever changing and she will always look to challenge herself. The High Priestess reaffirms her instinctive ability to understand and tune herself to the characters. She will need to refrain from being over-aggressive at times, and maintain calmer communication – especially as the Knight of Wands and Five of Pentacles represent such aggression harming her health.

Where 2013 has brought changes, it will be 2014 that will strengthen Rani’s work and life in general.

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