Why is Ronit Roy not sorry for the accident he caused?

It seems that the Udaan actor is not apologetic at all about hurting three people by his reckless driving

We understand that accidents do happen but when it’s a Bollywood celeb, things get blown out of proportion. Thanks to his reckless driving, Ronit Roy injured three people, including a 56 year old woman, who is in serious condition in a suburban hospital. The actor promptly got the injured people admitted to a nearby hospital, but left soon after and was later arrested for rash driving. Like every other celeb, he was granted bail very quickly, but we are still waiting to hear an apology from the guy who is seen doling out justice to people in his popular TV show, Adalat. His first post on Twitter after the mishap was, “Thanks a lot for your love and for standing by me in this distressful time.” He later added, “What happened with me yesterday reinforces the fact that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. Also now I know who my friends are!” His last tweet was, “From the bottom of my heart I thank you all for your love and support.” While it hasn’t been proven that he was drunk when he was driving, wethinks an apology for his irresponsible behaviour should certainly have been the first tweet he made. Get with it, Mr Roy, better late than never!

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