Why is Salman Khan growling like a tiger in Dabangg 2?

The actor’s thumkas in the song leave us awestruck, and so do the interesting lyrics of this track

As Salman Khan shakes his booty to the pacey tune of Dabangg 2’s title track, we get this irresistible itch to convert this song into angrezi! So as Mr Khan goes on the ‘cracking his knuckles’ spree – which is obviously the signature step of the track – we wonder how Sallu bhai always manages to add his own tadka  to a number and gets away without actually doing any ‘real’ dancing. And as Khan impresses us with his jhatkas and latkas, we have a crazy time dissecting the song in and out…

Teer chale talwaar chale

Arrow walks sword walks

Aur maut khadi tharrraye..

And death stand shuddering 

Chaar dishaayein tharr tharr kaanpe

Four directions go shudder shudder

Sher sa jab gurraaye

When growl like tiger

Gala pakad le jab paapi ka

When grab neck of the sinful

Saans wahi tham jaaye

Breath that’s when stops

Hud hud dabangg dabangg dabangg dabangg…

Hud Hud fearless fearless fearless