Why is Salman Khan keeping himself busy?

Thu, August 15, 2013 3:00pm IST by
Salman Khan keeps himself busy
Yogen Shah

The actor who usually struts off immediately after shoots, was recently spotted staying back on the sets

Salman Khan is usually known to leave the sets as soon as he hears the words ‘wrap up.’ However, recently while shooting for a commercial in Bandra, Mumbai, he stayed back at the studio to check his shots, taking everyone by surprise. How sweet, no?

What more, after seeing all the shots, he thought that some of them were not up to the mark and demanded to reshoot them! He waited back for another three hours and shot them again. We wonder if Salman is only finding ways to distract his mind from the other distractions in his life or is he genuinely being human this time…Subscribe to me on YouTube

  • Smita Desai

    Salmankhan is most popular star in Bollywood&that’s why he is most searched star

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  • Oum salamat bah

    What is the relashionship between Sharu khan, Salman Khan and Amir Khan?