Why is Salman Khan not interested in IPL?

Why is Salman Khan not interested in IPL?

The moody superstar makes it clear that he is not into the Indian Premier League and refuses to buy a stake in Deccan Chargers

If you were eagerly waiting for Salman Khan to buy IPL team Deccan Chargers and witness the epic battle between DC and Shahrukh Khan’s Kolkata Knight Riders on field, you may be disheartened. The Ek Tha Tiger superstar revealed on Twitter today that he is not interested in buying an IPL team.

Salman’s move was prompted after heavy speculation that the actor could bid for Deccan Chargers who are being auctioned off today. However, Salman, who has not been seen at IPL matches like other celebrities, made it quite clear in his tweet, saying, “No IPL team for me jst being human n movies”.

Interestingly, there have been talks of a jinx associated with IPL, as many individuals and corporate who have bought teams or built them are facing serious troubles, with Lalit Modi being a good example! So what is Bhai’s real reason to not pick up the team? Is he avoiding turf wars with SRK? Or does he actually not want to be a part of the jinx? What do you think it is that’s leading Salman Khan away from IPL?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • sunny shah

    salman khan is a big hearted man . he is right not to partcipate in IPL . he is not interested to make money in ipl. he always helps and supports to needy people
    he plays charity matches to helps to poorer people for education and health

    • roshan

      He indeed tried to bought IPL Pune team 2 yrs back with Sanjay Dutt. But they did not have that much money to buy a team.

      • bhai

        roshan, r u serious man. salman didnt have money and shahruk have?? he only tried or evaluated. he can generate enough money to bbuy an IPL team. the real reason is he is too busy with films and being human.

        • Suraj

          @bhaiya…. Roshan is right… they were suppose to buy Pune but due to money and there Background check got failed. coz Salman khan is not having more thn 400 crores. and Same with Sanjay dutt.
          Sharukh khan is with 2500 crores property when he buyed the team of 328 Crore. Pune sold at 1500 Crore. dont you think its very costly for Salman

  • Hasmat

    I support the decision of Salman the king khan. He is the ultimate king of India. salute him for his decision. IpL is flop without Salman bhai

    • scot

      this joke is cracking me up real bad, Salman the king khan LMAO.

  • Tanim

    He cant effort. He doesnt have enough money to buy a IPL team.

  • Azam

    Salman not a actor . Real actor shahrukh khan everybody knows it.

    • Indu

      ‘everybody’ is your pet name or what? Idiot. Do you understand what we are talking about? retarded fan of srk, pl note that khusat srk is soon going to go down the drains and so will his fans.

    • Salmanfan

      king of overacting and arrogance …he only know to raise his hands and tremble and say..kkkkkkkkkkk

  • Azam

    Most awaited jab tak hai jaan

  • Indu

    The reason is exactly what he has stated. He wants to give priority to films and his ‘Being Human’ work. He wants to spend his money in helping poor than on this good for nothing tamasha called IPL. No need to speculate. If he says something then that is it.

    • AAMir

      Indu @ if this is the reason wht he stated, then why the hell he went to IPL Team Auction with Sanjay dutt 2 years back to buy PUNE TEAM. He failed to do so. Coz Background check Failes them to buy the team. Salman worth of 400 CRORES and same with Sanjay Dutt. Indu Better use your mind instead just Following. Show some literacy in you. Dont be villager.

  • ATL

    Maybe just maybe the real reason is that he simply doesn’t want to, did the ever cross your mind, not everything has to have a reason behind.

  • Salman

    Salman khan ki itni aukaat nahi k ki vo Puri team ko finance kar sake. not even 25% sharing.
    that prooves making brainless movie with budget of 30 to 50 Cr. HAHAHAHAHAHA

    • Salmanfan

      Teri kya aukat hai…

  • Alishan

    Khud kay geraiban mai dekh

  • sunny shah

    shahrukh khan ki films are very flopped since last 8 years and his intention is very bad and he never want to help needy people. he want to make more money in his locker .
    srk is jealous no. 1 so he joined in IPL.

    salman khan big hearted man zindabad.