Why is Salman Khan not interested in politics?

The big-hearted star states he would rather focus more on social issues than join politics

Over the years, Salman Khan is known for supporting several social causes through his non-profit charitable organisation NGO, Being Human. Considering Sallu’s noble deeds and immense popularity, we are sure Sallu must have had several offers to join politics, but it seems the superstar is in no mood to join politics.

At an event Salman said he will never join politics and would rather focus on some social issue. “I don’t want to join politics but I will definitely join some social cause. Politics for me is social work… there is a man who takes care of the constituency. Its social work,” Khan addressed the gathered media.

The Messiah of newcomers has been persistently and whole-heartedly working for cancer patients for more than a decade besides working for several other social causes.