Why is Salman Khan not married yet?

Salman Khan has had a long list of girlfriends, ranging from Somy Ali to Katrina Kaif. Were none of them good enough for this macho star to spend the rest of his life with? While his contemporaries are all married and have children, Sallu bhai continues to embrace his bachelorhood. Why?

He is known as one of the most macho stars in B-town, with a string of gorgeous gals in his history. But none of them has managed to get him to the shaadi ka mandap. In fact, Salman Khan’s marriage plans have topped the list of speculations for a long time now. Every time we hear rumours about a new lady love, we think it’s shaadi time for Sallu bhai. And every time, for some mysterious reason, the whole affair is called off. “You can’t get married just because people want you to…You marry because you want to make the girl happy. When I feel the confidence that I’ll make the girl happy…that will be the right time”, 45-year-old Salman Khan said in an interview. But is it only about making the girl happy? After spending numerous nights tossing and turning in our beds wondering why the macho star is not getting married, we hit upon a possibility – is Mommy responsible for this? Now now, this is not just a random thought that crept into our minds, but something we’ve been mulling over ever since Salman agreed to do Bigg Boss 4. “I asked mom (Salma) before considering it (Bigg Boss 4) and she instantly said ‘yes’,” the Bodyguard hero said in an interview. What else needs Mommy’s approval, Salman? While rash driving and buck hunting clearly don’t make it to the list of mother-approvaled activities, we fear marriage might be something that needs a resounding ‘yes’ from Mommy dearest. And that’s perfectly acceptable, right? Although wethinks it’s time you started paying closer attention to the kind of bahu your mom wants, or we might not see you getting married at all, Mr Khan!