Why is Salman Khan still single?

Why is Salman Khan still single?

While Sallu’s co-stars enter marital bliss, his relationship status remains more-or-less the same. We wonder why…

Being a star is not easy, especially when it comes to handling relationships. And Salman Khan, of all the B-towners, knows it well. “I don’t go to nightclubs, so meeting somebody in the nightclub is out of question,” Salman said in an interview with Anupama Chopra on The Front Row. And we can almost see a sad pout forming on his face when he said this.

And maybe that’s the reason behind the Dabangg 2 star’s single status. Possible, no? But what about marriage? Will Salman remain single forever? “I was close to getting married a long time ago. But it didn’t happen and since then it has not been happening,” Salman said. Uh-ho!

What’s more, the actor also revealed that he is happy being single and wants his ‘jinx’ to continue. Ahem ahem. Really? Or is it just a case of sour grapes, Sallu? Wink, wink.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • sanjana

    salman khan is my favourite star.for me,it does not maters if he is single or couple.

    • srkfan

      salman is big gay he is queen of gay . so he is not marrying and she is hapy with shera . where srk romanced with katrina and snatched katrina from salwomen.

  • KK

    You don’t blame him for staying single when he’s come across the likes of Aishwariya and Katrina, both of which have used him as their ladder to success.

    There are millions of women worldwide wanting to marry him, but it’s his decision if he wants to stay single.

    In any case, marriage is NOT compulsory. When will these people realise?

    • Salgay

      he is a fag. Salman khans don’t consider this possibility..

  • mustapha ibraheem imam ahmad

    i dont care that salman khan is single,salman khan is my star and i like the way he style

  • nhung

    I always support salman because he is the star i love the most

  • Saira

    May God Bless him always.

  • Mariyah UK

    I know why he is single!! Because females everywhere are weary about getting involved with adulterous calculating wife/girlfriend beater. He is eye candy for most women but his reputation is barbaric when it comes to relationships and any women in the right mind does not want this in the longrun.

  • Salgay

    He is a Gay

  • Johnny

    Salman is gay and he should marry a guy! Am gay too

  • SouthKing

    He is a jerk that is why is not married.

  • sana

    no doubt salman is successful and honest actor but when it cumes to relationship is realy bad,katrina was just 19 when she joined bollywood & kat has non-filmy background and she is not even indian completely outisider and had language problem,so as everyone knows tht salman is bid hearted he helped katrina to make her comfortale,so wht he has helped so many people but everybody is not successful as katris..yes they had been in relatioship when kat was so young and there is diff of 20 yrs,so how they can b together ,people have to undestand that salman himself wants to b single,no gal can bear his over aggeressive nature for a long.

  • som

    beacause he love only aish tiger want tiger girle . on the bollywood no have any tiger girl. whithout aish………thats main reason of there………..

  • sunny

    salman is good nature and big hearted man on earth
    he is the only king of bollywood.
    srk is very selfish man.

  • being tiger

    Salman khan is not similar than others so he iz searching vergin G friend,don’t blame him kk i love salman so he is superstar n only king of bollywood ………

  • giya

    so what if salman is single anyway he is my favourite and he will be my favourite he is very kind good looking i love him

  • Mine

    Obviously nobody would want to marry someone who is a criminal..ooopssss poor lallu monkey

  • sabir

    i love salman he is very hearted man..so he want marry gud girl not from industry from comman family………….. ek hasti hai jo jaan hai mara jo aan sabhar kar maan hai mara khudha hukum dai to kar do shadi usay kyon ki jaan ha mare