Why is Salman Khan supporting absconding Mental co-star Sana Khan?

The actor tweeted that people out to see Sana behind bars have an ulterior motive

Superstar Salman Khan is sure that his co-star and friend Sana Khan, who has been missing since April 30, has nothing to do with the attempted kidnapping of a 15-year-old girl for rejecting her cousin’s marriage proposal. The incident allegedly occurred in Navi Mumbai and Sana has been on the run since. Salman has come out in support of the actor on Twitter.

He said, “Poor Sana, so sad. First let her b cm famous then try n get sm publicity from her. This is the problem chappo any thing galat bhi ho toh,” adding, “Y would a girl kidnap a 15 year old? For money? To get her married, At 4pm in a populated area. Investigate the complainants. Kamaal hai year.”

Salman himself has several court cases against him, including the blackbuck poaching case and the hit-and-run incident in Bandra, Mumbai. And yet, he chose to speak about Sana on a social networking site. He went on about Sana, “”Obviously must b scared n running around n hiding , they hv a arrest warrant on her , 5 dharas , jail is not big boss’s house dude. SAD. Obviously those people must have sm ulterior motives. Worked vit her on Bigg Boss, u hv seen her fr 3 months every day wat do u think.”

Agreed, Sana was Salman’s fave contestant on Bigg Boss 6 and no one was surprised when she landed a role in his film Mental. But why is Salman supporting her even before knowing about the entire alleged kidnapping case? Why does he want to get involved in another police case?