Why is Salman Khan wearing blue to court hearings ?

The actor has been spotted wearing the same color at his recent trials

Salman Khan seems to be obsessed with the color blue. If not that, then someone close to him is definitely advising him to wear shades of the color. Don’t believe us then look at the last few photos of Salman at his court hearings. The actor has chosen blue over every other color.

The Dabangg Khan, who was in the sessions court today to record his version of the 2002 hit-and-run case was seen wearing a light blue shirt. So what’s the catch? Well, we looked back into the pictures of Sallu’s last two appearances in the court and guess what? The actor was seen wearing blue both the times.

That’s not all. At the recent launch of Jumme ki raat song from his upcoming film Kick, the bhai of B-town had slipped into a dark blue T-shirt. This colour is indeed proving lucky for the Jai Ho actor. And there is his trademark blue stone bracelet that he wears everywhere! Maybe this new found love for blue is to soothe the nerves or keep the blues away?