Why is Sana Khan accusing Salman Khan of being biased?

Why is Sana Khan accusing Salman Khan of being biased?

It seems that the former Bigg Boss contestant is mighty pissed with the Wanted Khan

Sana Khan, who made her Bollywood debut in Salman Khan starrer Jai Ho, seems to be angry with the Dabangg Khan. But why? Apparently, the former Bigg Boss contestant thinks that Salman has been biased towards Daisy Shah when it comes to promoting the two. “Jai Ho was supposed to be a grand launch for both Daisy and Sana, but while the latter got a lot of attention from the film’s hero, Sana got a raw deal,” a tabloid reported.

And it’s true, isn’t it? After all, Sana was nowhere to be seen during the film’s promotions and was also missing from the film’s posters and trailers. On the other hand, Daisy hogged all the limelight as she accompanied Sallu wherever he went to promote Jai Ho. That apart, we hear that Sana was assured that she will be seen throughout the film. But as you know, that wasn’t the case. After watching the film, we can easily say that she had nothing but a cameo in the film. “Sana felt short-changed when she saw the film. She had been assured that she would be there throughout the film but she discovered, that she had only one scene before the interval and her role had been truncated,” Sana’s friend was quoted by the same tabloid.

We also hear that Sana is regretting her decision of accepting Jai Ho because it didn’t help her in anyway. Sana had sacrificed a lot for the role, and that included dropping out of popular celebrity dance reality show Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa. “Sana was overjoyed when she was selected as one of the participants. The show could have fetched her a cool Rs 50 lakh. But Salman dissuaded her from taking part in it, pointing out that as his heroine, she should not be over-exposed in a TV show just before her launch. So Sana opted out and today she is ruing the decision,” the source was further quoted.

But we wonder how Sana didn’t see this coming. Didn’t she know that Sallu miyaan always plays his favourites? Remember his biased attitude towards Tanishaa Mukherji and Armaan Kohli during Bigg Boss 7?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Raj Kumar Yadav

    Jai Ho is going to be a Clean HIT unlike the haters say. It crossed 100 Cores in 10 days. Distributors’ investments was 90-95 crores.*************

    Some questions to the people trying to drag down the business of Jai Ho,
    Even when Jai Ho flops (which won’t happen now), who will be affected badly?
    1) The producers of Jai Ho have already made a fat profit.
    2) Salman’s Stardom will no way be affected by this. When Ra.One was proven to be a debacle, did SRK’s stardom fall to the level of Bobby Deol, Nahin Na? Because they are established stars.
    3) It won’t also be a fact that the distributors will pay less amount for his upcoming films. And you know the reason.
    Hence, why are trying to make the distributors and the exhibitors (that earn their livelihood by that means) face their end in red? What have they done to you? Ask yourself!**************

    And Yes, I too felt that it was not fair for Sana. Sohail has done exactly the same way that Sanjay Leela Bhasali did wih Salman in Sawariya. Anyway, Sana, this is Bollywood. Be patient! If you speak up at this stage, nothing will be left for you. Salman may give one more opportunity as he has beenn doing with all others.

  • maya

    who is sana?…is she acted in jai ho?..bye o..sana.

  • guest

    Honestly, I’d be pissed if I were Sana too..I really think that JDJ would have made her more popular. Sana is pretty talented, I hope she gets other roles (with screen space)

  • Raf-Salman khan fan

    I want to ask mr Vinod do u remember any bb6 contestant name except santosh and sana (ohh ok imam but only remember him coz Salman) realy I don’t remember theme and I don’t wat there are doin but santosh futer looking intersting after jai ho and also for sana can’t say for films but defiantly in TElli drama coz got that killer looks. Sooo plz stop writing always nagative about Salman and comin to jai ho let me tel u jai ho is blockbuster on pepoles heart whoever watched it he loved it no matter was it fan or hatter and on box office ok we accept that jai ho was not a blockbuster but surely it’s hit and stil running and it’s Salman 6th 100 crore back to back film,,, soooo it’s cooool man take a chil pil mr Vinod talreja from bollywoodlife,,,,,