Why is Saraswatichandra getting low TRPs?

Why is Saraswatichandra getting low TRPs

It may have the top stars of telly land, but the show is not doing as expected

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Saraswatichandra on Star Plus is heartbreakingly boring. Jennifer Winget’s first project post marriage to Karan Singh Grover started with much fanfare, but the show has failed to keep viewers hooked. It is slow, there’s not enough romance, Monica Bedi is overacting, the storyline is predictable… the list is endless.

According to last week’s TAM results the show received only 1.6, which is definitely not a good number if the makers wish to prolong SC for three or four years. But if the daily soap has gorgeous and talented actors like Jennifer and Gautam Rode in the title role, why is it not doing well? A birdie from the sets – we told you too – quipped that Mrs Karan Singh Grover doesn’t want to get intimate on screen ‘coz her hubby has objections. And that is causing a lot of trouble for the makers. Obviously, without intimacy a love story will not last too long.

As per the Gujarati novel by Govardhanram Madhavaram Tripathi on which the TV show is based, a new man is supposed to enter Kumud’s life. However, with Jennifer’s tantrums and various issues, the makers are now introducing a new female character into Saraswatichandra’s life. It is rumoured that the role will be played by Vahbbiz Dorabjee (Vivian D’Sena’s wife). We hope Vivian has no qualms about his fairly new wife getting up close and personal with another actor onscreen.

Besides all the melodrama happening off the small screen, there’s too much nautanki happening on the show as well. Monica, who plays Ghuman – the antagonist – is supposed to be a conniving and shrewd woman, but somehow the actor simply overdoes things. Her hamming tends to put people off.

With so much going on, the daily soap is bound to get a lot of attention, not all of it positive. And with sinking TRPs, we suggest that the makers pick up the pace, make it crispier and more fun and just plain get on with it! So much drama is best left for the big screen and on a dramatic scale. Producer Sanjay Leela Bhansali will agree with that one – right, SLB?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • PK

    They can’t keep blaming KSG, honestly!!!:@:@

  • falguni

    Pl. change the story and Jenny ur so arrogant and gautam ur superb.

    • zoya.muskaan

      shut the hell up no jenny is not…..she is the reason why most people watch this show no one even knows who gautam is tbh its the director who makes the show boring this show would be nothing if jenny was in here.

      • Jay

        You might be not undersand

    • Anushka

      True…Jenny’s aweful and so unromantic!!!! She has such a boring face and the character doesn’t suit her as she looks like Gautam’s granny…I’m sorry Jenny, retirement’s calling for you. I wonder how can Sanjay Leela Bansali Ji who has chosen faces like Aishwarya and Madhuri in his movies has made such a big mistake in choosing Jennifer….Oh well, this is becoming the worst serial ever! Jenny’s the only reason for people hating and stop following this serial

  • SS

    It is for people and journalists like you than an avant-garde TV serial like Sraswatichandra can’t survive. May be Monica overacts, but so far the acting of most of its cast is top-notch which even beats much of film actors’ histrionics, not just those of other TV actors. Look at the ‘natyasangeet’ used, symbolisms, well-sketched characters and intensity in acting and tell me which modern Hindi serial uses any, let alone, all of these.
    You’ve authored one of the most regressive articles detrimental to performing arts by pandering to popularity and instant gratification . Had you read the novel and understood how deep it runs in its idealism, spirituality and elitism in its story and characterisation that no 20th century in English or any other language has and seen how well it’s adapted and the amount of hard work put in by the director, you’d make every effort to not let such a progressive show go off-air.
    Alas, we’re still hooked-on to regressive kitschy superficial skin-deep saas-bahu dramas with lots of masala-stuff that such an elite TV program can still no longer survive.
    SHAME on Indian viewership and this article!!!

    • Truth

      U r rit , completely in agreement wid u , saraswatichandra stand 1st on the trp charts of uk and usa !

    • dr. manisha kamal kukreja

      saraswatichandra serial stands at no. 1 as on today but we feel that kumud and saras should ultimately go married in the last other wise the show may loose the spark

    • nisha

      Truly, It is very shame for Indian viewer if they are watching repeat story of double role drama of sasural and sans but not liking real heartly touchable stories like Saraswatichandra.
      Any how l love that Drama.

  • Rita

    Saraswatichandra is getting bored day by day .Infact the story should be like Saras wed kumud and then kumud and guman daughter and mother in law fights…that’s what people like to watch on star plus.Devdas and hum dil chuke sanam type stories which had been now introduced in this drama looks good only in films not in daily soaps…Plus what a jerk thing they are showing that in one night saras left home and kumud and in one night kumud forgot Saras love ….. This is purely unnatural nobody forget such a deep love in one night and welcome other person for marriage in few hours …..This is serial is worse now to be very frank!!!

    • dilru

      I completely agree with u

  • parin

    Saraswatichandra is my fav show and I am watching it for gautam rode. As an actor he is really talented and he is amazing as saras…dunno why the show getting low trp’s. In UK its the most watched tv show. For Jennifer winget, she should put her marriage thing aside and I love her as kumud. I don’t want to see other actress with gautam. Lol why they couldn’t find any other ladies except vahviz. She doesn’t look good with him. Love samud only

  • saleen

    plz, i request not to end the show.. compare to other serials this story is completely different , the story is very romantic just i want to say is don’t change the story plz.. if u want highest TRPs then firstly change the timings around 8:30 or 9:00 most of the people watch at that time.. i love this show saraswatichandra..

    • rebecca joseph

      i love both of bt i think timming is very gud yrrr

  • mkee

    i think its cz jenifeer she looks soo dull theguys is soo up to his character but jenifer is soo arogent n looks bad too replace her n see how trp rise

  • Pradeep Rajak

    i like it this program

  • SCfan

    If at all Jenny is restricting herself from enacting in romantic scenes, it is hightime she realizes and convinces herself that it is a part of the profession she has chosen. If she does not then it wil affect her career if not now, definitely in future. Monica is fine… I never felt she overacted, in fact really has fitted herself to the character that is portrayed. As for as the TRPs go, there are so many repeated telecasts, So TRP cannot be the only thing to determine the popularity of the show. We have many SOAPs, but Saraswatichandra is really different …

  • safiyabano

    cumod our sars ki saadi ho jay

  • dilru

    I didnt watch it for a week… it is boring. there was a time I waited for the show… bt now no interest on it.

  • sarah

    when it was telecasted, I used to watch it with my fam but day by day it got boring. One day they both are so in love the other day they are angry and are nonstop crying. Whats the story in that? Its too repetitive and predictable and thats why it has low trps!

  • Evalina

    i think the show is not as boring as people think, the only problem hére is jennifer since She does not want to do romantic scene. They should look for replacement. Jennifer should take care of her family She can not act at all. acting needs a lot of creativity and sacrifice.

  • shaik jawad

    are yaar abhi bas karo kumud aur saras ki shaadi ho jaye bus pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee…………………

  • Tabi

    As an American, I find this show incredibly moving and interesting. I read this novel in college, and when I happened upon the news that this serial would be on tv, I immediately subscribed to Dishworld, just so that I could watch it.

    In comparison to American serials, this serial is very deep, and it’s characters have such depth. These actors and actresses act with intensity and put so much into their characters. I don’t understand how this show is boring, or has low ratings.

    The other day I explored the other shows on StarPlus, such as Saathiya, Diya Bati Hum, and Veera. I was so BORED watching them. No intensity, barely any life in the characters with the exception of the child actors playing Ranvi and Veera.

    I really think Saras is the cream of the crop on Star Plus right now. So I am very surprised that others find this show boring. Maybe that’s because I’m an American and find all of our own programs horrible. I’m a huge fan of Saraswatichandra and hope to see it play out for a long time.

    • saumya

      Plz dnt end this show…..im in very much love with it….both the actors r incredibly superbbb just that the show timings r creating a problem….ban other shows but this show should be continued for yearsss!!!

  • aafreen

    phle ka rmntic episode was awsme…jab dono ki rmantic story chl rhi thi…mgr ab story kharab kr dya yr…kumud ki sadi kisi aur se ho gyi aur saras akela pad gya …to phir dono ki romantic kahan se banegi…banani hey to seriol romantic wala rakhte yr….kharab kr dya sral ko…sadi se phle dono ki ched khani…o pyr…ab nhi rhega yr…kaun hey ye ganda director…sirf rone wala sral kyon banate ho….phle me har roz dekhti thi…mgr ab jab kumud kisi aur se sadi kr li…to phir maza nhi is seral me….banani hey to ye seral in dono ko phir se mlao…romantic banao…nhi to band krdo ye seral…..

  • chand

    jen extremly boring n “not-so-lucky-go-girl” infact she looks old n boring ugly. Nw the new they gonna take is so fat…oh please they got so many beautiful n talented girls in indai..

    • kle

      I Don’t think so that Jennifer is ugly but because of Jennifer only people are watching this show ,and yes she is full of talent

  • KZ

    All I wanna say is that KSG is an a$$. Yeah, I’m blaming him too. His wife and him are both ACTORS. Oh, let me repeat that, ACTORS. If he won’t let her get intimate with her costars for onscreen then he’s got emo issues. I used to like him so much but it just seems to me like he’s too much of a ‘controlling’ guy. That’s what I think. :P

  • hb

    SC is really very nice serial. Plz advertise it properly. Plz apply some good marketing strategy for it. I have not seen it’s advertisement for a long time.

  • hb


  • sneha

    Kumud or saras li shadi Ho jae or romantic scene aae to trp automatically badhenge na….so plz make some change….

  • kavita

    i agree with u…bt anyhow they should get marry otherwise there is no sense to watch this serial…..so bhansali sir chng the story.

  • kavita

    n saras is playing suprb undoubtedly.

  • greeshmahari

    pls change the story..saras should mary kumud.we r waiting for their marriage



  • Truther

    The problem is not less romance. The problem is that it has too much romance. The lines accompanying it are fit for a movie and not for a serial. Its way too cheesy like “that moon is not more beautiful than you”. Reminded me of Devdas. Also majority of the Indians know the story already. That is why, they lost interest in the serial. Next, characterization of the lead pair is completely wrong in it. In the ads, they portrayed Kumud as a very strong woman. But then after her marriage she turns into damsel in distress who cannot even utter a single word against her “unfair” husband. It truly is irritating.

  • Ali

    I think it is one of the finest shows in Star Plus…really has touched my heart very intensely…the show must go on for a long time as according to the original novel a lot of interesting events are yet to come!!!!! The show must go on…it is really heart touching.

  • srinidhi

    plz change this story un donooneke pyar ke bina ee serial ADHOORA hoojayega :) :) :)

  • Meghana

    I think karan is the one who started this. But even karan did not had all the wrong with him.

  • Sadiq Ahmed

    When saraswatichandra serial started I and my wife were greatLy impressed. But now it has taken an ugly and absurd turn. A well educated and strong willed girl is beaten up and abused by a drunk and characterless husband who does not even want to deal with his wife. Yet this super-girl continues to throw herself at his feet. She as the option of going back to her real love who has realized his mistake and loves her even more dearly now. What girl will continue to be abused line this and nit turn back to her real love? If saras made the mistake of rejecting her twice, this fellow is rejecting her 24 hours a day every day. And hasn’t saris paid his price ad amply demonstrated that he s reformed? The story is so absurd that we are losing interest.

  • Anand Singh

    sanjay please u should keep n take that story as longer as u can. Please dnt leave that story. It is my on of the favourate novel story. Please dnt switch off that story on the bases of TRP’s. In my frnd group many people liking that story even i m nt desiring to closed that story. I want show must be gone

  • Aruneendra

    How can sanjayleela Bansali’s serial be this much weak in direction? Why should Kumud take back the case on Pramad? Actually, basing on the case, she could have got divorce from pramad without his acceptance also know? Hope this serial is not exclusively for illiterate or ignorant people !!!

  • AADI

    SARAS and KUMUD Acting suprb
    But plez.. make them(kumud and saras) together at the end of this serial
    i think its the fact for high TRP s WE ALL now about the novel kusum is good she should be merry with SUNNY not with saras

  • sultan

    please,please end this epic disaster,this drama is getting so pathetic that its an insult..
    kumud has dissappeared,kusum is so selfish and kalika has all the power she has,has producer gone mad,so stupid this drama is that its wasting space…