Why is Shahrukh Khan dancing funnily in ‘Chammak Challo’?

While Kareena Kapoor provides the oomph factor, SRK’s stiff and awkward moves in this Akon song make you wonder if the superstar has lost his dancing rhythm

Ever since I watched the video of RA.One’s Chammak Challo, the peppy number has got stuck in my head. It just refuses to let go of me. One, Vishal-Shekhar’s composition and international hip hop artist Akon’s vocals make it a fun listen and it is stimulating enough to make me get out of my chair and shake some booty. And there are four more versions to keep you hooked on! Second, watching the video of Chammak Challo is very entertaining. I was in splits watching Shahrukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor get jiggy. While the Kapoor babe grooving in the teeny-weeny choli and bright red saree, showing off her ‘no longer size zero’ figure makes men and women drool, Shahrukh seems a little funny turning knobs and prancing around in Kathakali steps. So I wondered what happened to the otherwise charismatic dancer! Of course, when it comes to dancing, SRK is no Hrithik Roshan but he isn’t anything like Sunny Deol either. King Khan has always been a pleasure to watch even if he is just boogieing. But in Chammak Challo he looks comical. Fortunately, before I could dismiss it as a side-effect of his RA.One obsession, I figured it is SRK’s character at play. Yes, Shahrukh is supposed to be a robot (G.One) in the film’s plotline! Now this explains why the superstar’s current favourite choreographer, Ganesh Hegde gave those door knob moves, stiff turns and odd steps. After this revelation Challo continues to remain my top favourite. What about you?

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