Why is Shahrukh Khan distancing himself from Hrithik Roshan, Ajay Devgn and Salman Khan?

Why is Shahrukh Khan distancing himself from Hrithik Roshan, Ajay Devgn and Salman Khan?

Looks like the Baadshah is hell-bent on refreshing his friend-list so that it has no ‘old friends’ in it. But why, we wonder…

Shahrukh Khan is in the news yet again for the famous cold vibes he loves to send out to the people who have once been close to him. And the latest bakra of SRK’s cold-shoulder syndrome is Hrithik Roshan. Well, we’ve talked about that, haven’t we? And we’ve also talked endlessly about how Shahrukh has distanced himself from Ajay Devgn, Akshay Kumar, Arjun Rampal, Salman Khan, Karan Johar, Farah Khan and Priyanka Chopra.

The reason why the cold-shoulder syndrome takes over the Baadshah are many. Right from the fight over screenings, to brawl with a dost’s husband, to the alleged kissa of the other woman. For all those who have lost track, Shahrukh Khan’s first big brawl happened during a night where his dear friend Farah Khan’s husband Shirish Kunder managed to irk him and earned a resounding slap in return. After that, we heard Shahrukh’s ‘bessht’ friend Karan Johar cutting ties with him due to Baadshah’s alleged proximity to Priyanka that had miffed Gauri Khan. Then we had Shahrukh and Akshay Kumar locking horns over the copyright issues of Dhanush’s Kolaveri Di. We were also privy to Shahrukh’s dear friend Arjun Rampal getting pally with SRK’s arch rival Salman and facing Shahrukh’s cold-shoulder. And the list goes on with Hrithik joining the stay-away-from-Shahrukh club. But in the end, while SRK’s fans or no-fans just devour the details of those tussles and move on with their lives, Shahrukh is left with one friend less on his list.

So where is all this leading to? Is Shahrukh Khan steadily moving towards a lonely future? And if so, doesn’t it worry King Khan? From outside, it surely looks like Shahrukh has enough in his life to take the focus away from these breaking friendships. Even so, can Shahrukh function in an industry that’s now filled with his frenemies? Or perhaps, SRK is confident that his ever-smiling and socially active wife Gauri Khan will take care to mend the fences with the people he has distanced himself from.

But here, we would like to know from all you SRK lovers: Do you think Shahrukh Khan is too caught up with himself to value age-old friendships?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Sameer

    Don’t worry shahrukh your fan’s always with you.
    Ye sab sale ehsaan faramosh hai ye log sirf kamyab or jiska time achha chal rha he uske piche punch hilate hai.
    I will pray to god will return your shining day.

    • Asim

      Aray Bhai kya keh rahy Ho. Srk hamesha shining tha, shining hai or rahy ga. to yeh kehna bilkul ghalat ha k us k shining days will come back. And aik aur baat srk is really best hero of bollywood.

      • nitin

        SRK believes in love and world runs on love thats it.

  • aron

    arrogant khan…is srk…

  • nallakhamu

    i thnk s…bt iam for srk…dnt worry king

  • avinash luha

    The Lion King of Bollywood AJAY DEVGN ke hathon se Buri tarah Haar ne ke baad Saharuk khan Bokhla gaya hai aur sabse dusmani le raha hai. ha ha ha

    • J

      abe chup aJay devgn k fan..!!
      SRK is still and always be the best~

      • avinash luha

        Diwali ki haar vul gaye kya ?

        • vinod

          abe sos haar gyi thi jthj se.. Usne kam paise kamaaye the..jthj india aur overseas dono me jeet gyi thi

  • Jay

    Srgay ka halat sap-chuchundar jaisa hai.hakla ko romantic ur dark movie ke alawe koi acting aata hi nahi sala khud ko king samjhata hai,jabki ajay,salman usse her area me better hai like-100cr.club,more hit movie,and all over acting ye to sari dunia janti hai ki ajay jaisa acting koi nahi kr sakta ur usse jyada present me kisi ka v hit movie nahi hai ur ajay big award winner actor hai like-dada saheb falke and 2 time national award.

  • J.n.k

    Ajay real lion king.hakla(srk) kutto ka king.srgay ko badshah bolne wale sharm kr kyoki srgay ka badshah movie bekar ur flop hai.

    • santanu

      tu kis kutti ki pet se yaya.

  • Rahul Raj

    Ajay devgn is the best.uske jaisa acting koi nahi kar sakta.chahe-pahalwan ka roll ho,poltician ka,police officer ka,vilen ka,comedian,sirius,dark,drama,emoting,best action hero also great romantic hero.

    • Ranjeet

      Very simple yaar Ajay Devgan is the only Vesrtile actor in bollywood … Ajay Rocks !

      • devendra

        Ajaydewgan is really superstar of Bollywood.
        He is also best versatile actor.

  • Ravi panjwani

    The only mistake of SRK is that he doesn’t like buttering others. It is due to the fact that he is self-made celebrity with having huge fan following worldwide. What he is today is due to his immense handwork and commitment to his work. Obviously he should be proud of himself.I know industry is totally changed, comedy and masala movies are liked more than the serious,romantic and others.But it does not mean that we should underestimate the king khan, he is the still same but the taste of people have changed.

  • akira

    srk is the best

  • shahid

    yaar hai to apna shahrukh bhai best.. :) ;) baaki sab bekaar..

  • Tushar

    pade likhe logo ko shahrukh pasand hai.. Dihaati, gawaaro aur rapists ko salman aur ajay jaise local actors pasand hai..delhi ke subzi wale rapist bhi salman ke fans the :)

  • sid

    apan to srk ke hi fan hai, baki sab @*#* marao :p

    • rishab

      ye salman ka srk ki taraf attitude dekh ke salman ne kam se kam ek fan to kho diya.. ‘Mujhe’ … Uski films nahi dekhunga ab main..

  • Ahmad

    We love him as an actor. this is his personal issues withb whom to be friend or not . if his friends are not loyal with him thn its ok he can manage or maybe make new ones.. its life just chill yaar

  • Rahat

    shahrukh k friends ho ya na ho, hame iss se kya , hum uss k fan hain aur hamesha rahen ge

  • Tomine

    He is a egocentric thinking man. Who takes himself more important than any others including his Family and friends. That´s a fact. And he will notice someday the sentence on the way down you´ll meet them all again.

  • Raman Ramesh

    Ajay real lion king.

    • manish

      and srk is the badshah of this kingdom in which lions r found

  • Irfan khan

    Ajay sultan of bolywood.dua me yaad rakhna.

    • manish

      srk funds the kingdom of ur sultan..:p

  • Janeman

    Srk girlish type actor usne pure jindgi koi worthful movie nahi banaya. Usne romantic,dark ke alawe sale ko mardo wala acting aata hi nahi.romance to sabhi movie me hota ha magar srk ke movie me love hi sb kuch hota hai.uske acting me dam kaha jo-singham,gangajal,wanted,dabang,dilwale,diljale jaise worthful movie banaye.

  • Singham

    Ajay real lion king.srgay hakla kutto ka king.sharm karo king bolne wale kyoki ek-do type ke movie banane wale ko king bolte ho ur badman jo deshdrohi hai use badshah bolte ho.

  • Neeru

    SRK is cerebal. Are these so called friends really his or Gauri’s? He still maintains a business relationship with some of them like the visual effect for Krissh 3, Adjay doing some scenes in Chennai Express. BFF should accept you for what you want and not be judgemental nobody is perfect

  • Amit

    Ajay best virtile actor jo roll ho sabme superhit like-pahalwan,smagler,poltician,comedian,sirius me to unka jabab hi nahi,best action hero of bolywood,great romantic and dark,vilen all the best.Srk-romantic and dark only.



  • Ajay

    Ajay best talented actor of bolywood also hit machine of bolywood.bas uske me ek kami hai award ur media se uska dil buri tarah tuta hai.magar iss time we 1st actor hai jisne 2 time national ur padam shri and dada saheb falke&rajiv gandhi hounr receive hai.

  • Goutam.

    Ajay best actor of bolywood.its time he is single actor won 2 time national best actor award like-amit jee,kamal hasan,rajnikant.

  • tanaya

    no absolutely SHAHRUKH KHAN doesn’t need anyone we fans are always with him.god is also always with him

  • Janu

    Are wo sabse best hai jo best tallented,most virtile&best bankable wo hai-AJAY SINGHAM

    • arun

      Ajay Devgan is not a bankable star you just have to look at his films there are all multi starrer that why he had to use salman khan to get people intrested in son of sardar just like he used shahrukh khan help to get a distrubuter for his film Toonpur ka superhero

  • vishal

    Ajay devgan bollywood ka machho deadly gun, THE LION KING OF BOLLYWOOD aur VERSITILE actor phechale 20 saalo mein hamne aaj tak ajay sir ko kabhi bhi kise controversy mein na hi suno aur dekha lekin srk dhamandi type ka ladies version hero hai……….srk ko acting mein keval rone done hi aata hai, lekin ajay ko mar mar ke dona aata hai……AJAY DEVGAN KI PICTURE dekh kar hame INDIAN HONE PAR GAURV hota……..kuch bhi karne ka lekin AJAY SIR ka ecgo hurt nahi karne ka VARNA AATA MAJI SATAKLI HAI……….

  • alauddin

    salo media valo tumhe aur kuch kam hai k nahi…….

  • sameer

    sab bekar … Apna shahukh bhai best hai..

  • ran

    SRK doesn’t need people who are jealous of him……and go get a life media I guess u had nothing else to write

    • Beemnet

      Nice answer I like it

  • Beemnet

    Omg media
    Do not u guys do not know anything other than some stupid bakbas on!!!
    Srk do not need people because he is the best, all actors are jalouse of him because they know he best of all!!!!!
    He never need anybody and will not!!!!

    • Balance

      Well said!! You know what these 3 or 4 days there r some média who wrote good things about him and our darling BL couldn’t swallow it. Grow up Bollywood Life!! We r on 2013!!

  • hossain

    no need any one after all he is the king of bollywood

  • cindyd

    I think media makes so much of this stuff up…I don’t believe any of it…I just go to the sight to see the pics of SRK:) Unlike some people who look at a girlie mag for the “articles”:)

  • silke

    man liest nur noch schlechte nachrichten über shahrukh Khan.er benimmt sich respektlos eher wie ein kleinkind der keine Manieren zu scheinen hat einfach nur billig und traurig was aus ihm geworden ist zu viel Geld und Macht ist ungesund und macht arrogant überheblich so gar nicht wie ein erwachsener Mann

  • Jagnarayan kumar.

    Srkgay bolywood ka dog hai,hakle bhokne ke alawe koi acting nahi aata.sala dunia ke jitne girlish type man hai wo uske fan hai.AJAY DEVGN REAL LION KING OF BOLYWOOD.Jo apne picture ko acting per chalate hai naki srk ke tarah screen book karake.

  • Arman

    Ajay best,srk worst.

    • SRKKKK

      Ajay is a stuoid worst sctor and khadush but SRK is best actor in the world.

  • Raju Raja

    Ajay devgn is a coplete superstar.wo her roll me superhit hai,wo more than movie india social curuption ke againt kiya hai.srk jindi bhar girlish type aur dark movie banaya hai.

  • Real lion king.

    Agar srk big banner ya screen böok karake film na chalaye to uska sb movie flop karega.history gawah hai aaj tk srk jb v yrf se alag movie banaya to wo maha flop hua like-raone flop,don2-avverage,billu-diester,bhuthnath-flop,swadesh-diester,mank-flop,ashoka-flop,paheli-flop ye last 7 year me maha flop movie hai yo ki yrf se hatker tha.baki hit sb yrf se-jthj,cdi,rnbdj,osm,

  • Ramshanker

    Ajay king of 100cr.club also hit machine of bolywood Ajay devgn jaisa actor nahi dekha jo roll ho usme superhit.

  • Jay

    Ajay devgn best.

  • Non Indian Fan of SRK

    I am not Indian, but this man is the best actor ever. I watch Hindi Movies, because of him. Let the man live, love and laugh. God bless you Shahrukh Khan and I hope that you continue your dancing and acting career forever. Kajol and SRK are amazing together.

    A fan!

  • sharad

    I ma very big fan of shahrukh khan.sorry but i suggess to SRK.please maintain u r relations to your old friends and to support him.shahrukh is the one of most important actor in bollywood…….your fan

  • avinash luha

    Hi, yar “Son Of Sardar” was relise with2000 screen &” jab tak hai jaa”n relise with 2500screen but “Son of Sardar “win as though less screen it Get “Super Hit “verdict by Boxoffice of India and “jab tak hai jaan” verdict “only Hit.” So “SON OF SARDAR” is the Winner

  • Janam

    Ajay devgn ne dikha diya ki wo bolywood ke real singham hai.pure bolywood ka sath de raha tha ur ek akela insan nya ka vikh mang raha tha.mai dave ke sath kah sakta hun ab yash raj ke sath srk ka carier ka v the end ho gaya.ab ek bar phir ajay devgn chha jayega.

  • Jay

    Srk ka romance ur dark movie ka ab the end ho jayega.kyoki all india ka screen book karake film chalane wala mr gaya.

  • Dipta

    hey LATIKA,why u r using such a calm language like “bakhra”for mr.hrithik.respect!!!request!!!please!!!:-0

  • tammy

    Excuse me SRK has rekindled his relationship with farah seeing as they are working with each other again. Pc recently worked with him at an award function hosting together. And arjun is getting back with him so please do update and think twice before you say anything about the king

  • yug pratap singh

    r u know mens of acting ya aise he .
    tumre pas koi kam nahi hai kya.
    do u know
    tum kaise bolte ho

  • malik

    media walay thori baat ko lamba kr detay han aray mn tu kehta hun salman se le kr akshy ajay or baqi sb nay acting shahrukh ki acting dekh dekh kr sekhi hai.shahrukh bollywood ka badshah hai or badshah kisi k sath zyda free nahi hota shahrukh ko sb junior acters se pyar hai chahay wo salaman ya aamir ho wo kisi se nahi jalta wo sb se pyar krta hai or badshah honay ka pora frz nbha raha hai.shahrukh we love apki trah hm b kisi ko bura nahi kehtay per ye sb apkay shagird hain.love u plz make a new film n plz cast katrina n pryanka in ur next film

  • aida

    Jealousy people are creating stories against King khan to gain their popularity. SRK is SRK, you cannot tarnish his popularity or image. That is impossible, don’t even think about k… SRK is a global icon.
    We do not see any problem between SRK and his friends. SRK U R THE BEST. GOD bless you and you family.

    • Bol


  • sunny shah

    shahrukh most selfish person of bollywood.
    he never supports and helps to other people
    he does not know meaning of charity
    he is very jeolous man
    he always making jokes on olders actors like manoj kumar etc.
    acting sirf romantic films mein
    getting awards by paying large amount
    biggest flop actor of all time
    ha ha ha

    • Beemnet

      What do u know about him
      Are u his wife or somethin because u do not know if he knows charity or not
      And that his choice
      I mean ur comment does not have to anything with the news
      U look like u know everything about him
      And he is not jel

    • Beemnet

      What do u know about him
      Are u his wife or somethin because u do not know if he knows charity or not
      And that his choice
      I mean ur comment does not have to anything with the news
      U look like u know everything about him
      And he is not jalousie!!!
      So just do not say the thing u do not know


    YA king khan is selfish
    he is the only indian actor to receive UNESCO AWARD FOR CHARITY

    being good

    mnik, swadesh, chak de india, aanjam veer zaara al were romantic

    • ram

  • StahLovesYou

    I am not an indian but I am always a fan of bollywood movies.
    Well, I think SRK is full of himself. I like his movies but I admit that I am Salman Khan’s fan always and forever.
    He used to be a good person but fame is filled with his mind.
    I just want to see the old him that always brag about peace and yet he insulted pple especially Farah Khan’s husband.
    That is all.
    All the best to every bollywood actors and most importantly Salman :P .
    Love always from NZ :)