Why is Shahrukh Khan mad at the media?

Why is Shahrukh Khan mad at the media?

The actor took to Twitter to vent out his anger against speculations that he has teamed up with Piggs Chops for Farah Khan’s Happy New Year

Shahrukh Khan has been losing his cool quite a bit off late. While sometimes it is on the cricket pitch, at other times he lets himself loose on Twitter. Yesterday, irritated by reports that he has roped in Priyanka Chopra to play the lead role in Farah Khan’s Happy New Year, SRK tweeted, “When a persons words & body language r in conflict they r usually lying. A lot like the headline words of tabloids & their body of content..” (sic) He also said, “Most of the time ppl dont want to get to know u, instead they want to tell u, who they think u are. Let them maintain their fictions about u” (sic)

And not only that, his friend Farah Khan is mighty upset too. The director wanted to announce the leading lady in January with much fanfare; however the wildfire-like speculations have kind of doused that, if at all Shahrukh and Farah had any idea of casting Priyanka in the film. Farah said on Twitter, “Everymorning I get up n read some made up crap about HNY..whn the ‘journos’ hav decided who our leading lady will be kindly inform us too!” (sic)

Well, it’s good that the angry pathan is ranting only on Twitter. Because we all know, when SRK decides to go footloose, it ain’t a pretty sight.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Ch Bashir

    Journalist REZA NOORANI @@@ we are writing on ur article about shahrukh khan angry on media but our comments are not printing out.Reason why ? I just want to say that u all journalists are bastads writing all time crap n fictions against king khan

  • Lina

    You know the answer. False accusation!! For forgetting your profession!!

    • Ali

      I agree u Lina

    • Babita Kol

      sometimes one gets sick all time criticing and there is not a single word to praise him on any of his good performance… I think all journalist well know tht king khan is the only badshah of acting..others are duffer actors … but atleast journo shouldnt be bias in their profession

  • Kadi

    Dear BL! You are acting like an explosion. You see when it explodes it makes this huge noise as if it’s the one gets hurt. You inslt this man and his entire family…. And now you expected him to hug you? Even Your parents might get angry. Just don’t make him inhuman.

  • duff

    dont getting mad shahrukh…not good for u..you will like older if always mad..

  • omg

    srk is over.

  • Sunshine

    Spare dat man plz,ppl jst luv findin mistakes in him,no one objects when salman romances katrina or sonakshi who both are half his age,bt sm much criticism for srk for romancing kat,despite d fact dat srk nd salman r almost of d same age!
    Clearly,anti-srkism is bein shown!

  • Yaseen

    people must spare him n let him do some more best work.instead criticing and making his life hell

  • Balance

    DL; I just want to know if it is possible to write about someone by stating only (unknown saurce)? Is there a law in India for that person for falsely accused and insulted with out any prove? Or any Media can do what they wanted to write? In your article u r shawing us again Shah Rukh must not be angry, very arrogant of you. You should have to apologies to him for insultin him and his family and to the people for you lies and unprofessional doing.