Why is Shahrukh Khan on French magazine Paris Match?

The Jab Tak Hai Jaan actor features on the cover of the famous French weekly. Has Shahrukh Khan become the unquestionable brand ambassador of Bollywood?

He’s more popular than Hollywood sensation Tom Cruise, if you judge by sheer numbers. Shahrukh Khan’s fame is absolutely mind-boggling. The 47-year-old generates an unparalleled hysteria wherever he goes. And now, with the release of his romantic flick Jab Tak Hai Jaan, the King Khan, as he’s fondly called, has set cash registers clinking the globe over. If that’s not enough, here’s SRK gracing the cover of popular French magazine Paris Match. Sporting his trademark lopsided smile and that indisputable charm, SRK looks dapper in his grey and black shirt that gives a glimpse of the actor’s toned torso. He is at his casual best and looks his usual effortlessly-charismatic self.

Shahrukh tweeted the cover picture and posted: “If you know French… tell me what it says on cover… apart from my name. Thanks.”

( “Shahrukh Khan, the grand star of Bollywood, at the Marrakech International Film Festival. We have a chat with him,” roars the cover-slogan, translates our in-house multilingual expert.)

Certainly the Baadshah Khan doesn’t seem to be well acquainted with French, but that hardly matters. As long as he can speak a thousand words with those sexy eyes and seduce his lady-fans with his mushy films, nobody is complaining! Right, ladies?