Why is Shahrukh Khan rooting for Priyanka Chopra?

Why is Shahrukh Khan rooting for Priyanka Chopra?

SRK keen to cast his Don 2 co-star for Farah Khan’s Happy New Year despite opposition from friends and family

Barely a few months back, when the news of Shahrukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra’s special ‘friendship’ started doing the rounds, Shahrukh dumped his ‘good friend’ so fast as if it were going out of style! Under pressure from his wife Gauri Khan, a prominent member of the filmi wives club, the superstar distanced himself from his Don 2 co-star, and sort of ousted her from his camp. Even Karan Johar, who is thick with Shahrukh’s wife, informed friends and well wishers about his unhappiness with Piggy Chops. There was also Twinkle Khanna who had famously warned her husband Akshay Kumar from doing any films with Priyanka after rumours surfaced about an alleged affair between PeeCee and Akshay Kumar. And it seems like Gauri followed Twinkle’s example and forbade Shahrukh from doing films with Priyanka.

Well, now it seems that SRK is finally being the man of the house, and taking a stand towards his relationship with Priyanka Chopra, against the wishes of his wife and friends. And for Farah Khan’s much awaited film Happy New Year, Shahrukh has apparently approached Priyanka for a role opposite him. And this at a time, when Priyanka too, being quite smart and sassy, is trying to make in-roads into Salman Khan’s camp amidst reports of a growing friendship between the two.

Now we’re surely glad that Shahrukh Khan has manned up at the right time and approached Priyanka, yet his reasons are not clear. Apparently, it is said that for Happy New Year, Shahrukh along with producer Farah Khan, are having a tough time getting the top A-list actors since all the leading ladies, namely Deepika Padukone, Kareena Kapoor and Katrina Kaif have date issues. Katrina, who SRK badly needed, is paying him no heed since she shares a great rapport with Salman who is known to be SRK’s mortal enemy of sorts.

Bollywood sure is a strange world, and the rules it works by are stranger. Whatever be the case, we will always be more than happy when folks kiss and make-up. Well, hug and make-up in this case is safer wethinks. Wink wink!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Inge

    when this is right, is SRK a liars, a cheater and a adulterer to which the word of his wife nothing means. the kiss with cat already suggested to something like that (breach of promise). He lies to all his followers, we believe him nothing more. I pray to Allah that the film with PC flop

  • Lina

    PC’s PR at it’s FULL swing. Seriously get a life.

  • Lina

    Dear BL; may I ask why u didn’t post my first comment?

  • Gross

    Eeeeew! Not gonna go watch that film then!

  • shikha

    LOL! Isn’t the reason self-evident from the title BL??? Or are you just being cheeky with us? Poor SRK. Losing the plot!

  • Lina

    BL please read what Farah khan has been tweeted. Don’t play with people’s head. Specially when it is a completely redicules gossip. Be faire if it is not for Shah Rukh and his family at least be truthful to yourself!! Why this KLEVERI DI……

  • Pedro

    Since when did public opinion matter in casting an actor? That’s the job of the director. If the characters match the roles then they are cast. Whatz the big deal?

  • Salman

    Clearly its SRK and not Piggy Chops that’s the real swine in this affair.

  • Lina

    False News. Jealousy. Hate. Disrespect. To SRK makes you tell this kinds of hate propaganda!! Let’s be happy for him for his awards and Honoures which he has gotten by his hard work and the love of people. May God protect him and his familly. Amen!

  • akash

    this site spreads hater. srk doesnt need any body badly we all as people know this. and every top actress will feel more then happy to work with srk any time any where. and dont say that kat belong to salman srk 20 years roled and will role alwayes.
    and if not then no one can take honour that he got from people not from ignorant media.
    if srk want to have an relation to any of actress gauri can do nothing. many actors do marriges more then one and do affairs countless. so dont make us fool.
    srk should give a powerfull snap to some media persons seriously. we love him more after reading such crap stories