Why is Shahrukh Khan so dull?

Why is Shahrukh Khan so dull?

We spotted the Jab Tak Hai Jaan superstar on the cover of Filmfare magazine and we were aghast to see Shahrukh Khan in his most lacklustre cover appearance ever

Shahrukh Khan is a force of nature. The livewire actor is always bustling with incredible energy that baffles one and all. Over the years SRK has adorned the covers of many glossies, but never before have we seen a cover picture that captured SRK in a dreary and an uninteresting mood such as this! The 47-year-old is already receiving stinging comments for portraying a haggard-looking loverboy opposite much younger Katrina Kaif (and Anushka Sharma) in Yash Chopra’s recent release Jab Tak Hai Jaan. And this cover picture, much like the scene from JTHJ where the King Khan plants an awkward kiss on the elegant pout of a far more youthful Kat, turned our stomachs right over!

Here’s Shahrukh, who seems to have come to the shoot straight from his king-size bed, his eyes bleary and face crumpled. There’s a desperate attempt to make the superstar look casual, relax and chic, but the attempt has gone dreadfully wrong. The V-necked black tee and the dark denims make for an awful match. And if that’s not enough, the bronze jacket and the-old-man-supporting-his-aching-back pose make the faux pas even more glaring. “I cried for hours…” reads the tagline.

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  • Zulqarnain the warrior

    Wröng report ,he has never been tired and lazy,he is most versatile actor in industry, he ruled and rules and will rule bollywood till he is alive, jab tak hai jaan he will rules

  • daniyal

    Jab tak hy jaann is awesome film and it has got extremely positive reviews from the audiance world wide time magazine has given 3.5 stars out of 5 on imdb it has got 8.5 stars out of 10 and we loved srk in that role..

  • raisa

    neither he looks haggard nor the kiss was awkward!! srk looked believable in tht younger part and the kiss was sweet.. don’t know why they give such wrong review!! srk was dashing throughout the film..

  • Rehan

    Pointless Atricle – and completely wrong !

  • khalid

    srk s great star after salman khan.

  • pooja

    oh give him a break already! useless buggers!!

  • king

    bashing srk unnecesarily has become past time in India, f###king bas#ards!

  • hina

    i think there was nothing better to do for u that’s y u came up with this useless article. u must’ve thought let’s follow the trend and bash SRK…no?
    who has a sad life the one whose appearing on magazine covers or the one who’s searching for that magazine cover to take an indirect dig at his personal an professional life?

  • Linda

    U ar very jobless,don’t luk 4 a better job,stay dere & be yarnin dust about an already made star,I luv u srk,Allah bless u,ur family,team,fans inshort everytin dat surrounds u,we luv u Shahrukh khan not just b’cos u ar a star but b’cos of who u ar inside,u ar 100% real

  • jb

    shut up!! baseless article!

  • Bikky

    Start worrying about your self and stop crticising him!!You must be out of your mind to make such useless and mindless comments….

  • nyndo

    such a baseless article.bashing SRK is all waht you can 2 get publicity

  • jezzy

    i think you have come straight from your bed.writing nonesense articles wont help you to be famous using the “BRAND SHAHRUKH KHAN”

  • maha

    we love SRK.you better stop writing such retarted articles

  • Aisha

    You are a little rat. If you had a life, you would be writing about yourself – but sad – you have to write about others because no one wants to read about your sad little rat A

  • King’s fan-Royal fan

    I think you don’t have other job to do..
    Don’t tickle others,and be truth frnd..!!

  • Deniz

    SrK has ALWAYS been the biggest star in Bollywood cinema!By the way,he does not look old and his looks is not the only thing we-fans love about him,he’s marvellous with his everything!Allah bless him and those who love him