Why is Shahrukh Khan so helpless?

Why is Shahrukh Khan so helpless?

Ever since King Khan shot for an item song for his upcoming romcom Chennai Express, he has been in a tight spot. Wonder if he’ll be able to get out of this mess…

Shahrukh Khan fans need not worry! By item song, we mean One two three four from Rohit Shetty’s Chennai Express featuring the superstar and the South hottie Priyamani. And by ‘tight spot’ and ‘mess’ we mean the funny lyrics which SRK mouths – peeche kua aage mere khaai, jaun kahan mere bhai! Now, what does this suggest? We translate the lyrics of this foot tapping number only for you. Tell us if it leaves you in splits!

Poonam ke chand ko
Ghoonghat ke neeche chhupa ke
Laayi tere liye
Duniya se nazarein chura ke

Full moon’s moon
Wimple’s down hide
Brought yours for
World from eyes steal


Peechhe kuaa, aage mere khaai
Tu hi bata jaaun main kahaan
Mujhko duaa kiski lagi bhai
Aake padhara hoon jo yahaan
Ille fikar, aaja idhar
Beat pe laga le tu thumka
1 2 3 4 – get on the dance floor

Back well, front mine valley
You only say go I where
Me wish whose hit brother
Coming welcomed I when here
No worry, come here
Dhun on hit take you thumka
Ek do teen chaar – chad chalu naach maala

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  • Gaurav

    Rohit Shetty films are usually crazy.But it has been reported that Shetty had a long session with SRK during the script telling session.We know SRK will not do no brainers like Golmaal 3 and Ready.

  • sunny shah

    srk kutta must be sent into jail for long period for surrogacy test

    no.1 controversies actor
    no charity and donation
    no respect to others because no parents.
    selfish no.1

    • arun

      Get a life it has been confirm that the reports were lies and shahrukh khan never did any test and that why the person who started this has been sent legal notice for false statements regarding the alleged sex-determination and surrogacy done by shahrukh khan and before you ask it’s the HOSPITAL who sent the legal notice

    • ad

      hey bro i think tu hai vo jo tune upper likha or ytrakhand k liye srk ne 10 cr diye tu kya hai vo to upper pad k hi pata chl gya lol

    • Arun

      SRK has got UNESCO award for charity..get your facts right.and surrogacy news was a rumour by media..

  • Tumara baap

    Badi baat math karna

  • Farro

    SRK u r d Bestttttttttt… love you……….

    9 Things which you should know about SRK v/s Salman -

    1.) GODFATHER – Salman had his father Salim Khan’s influence to get established in Bollywood , whereas Shahrukh was a poor guy from Delhi , who made Debut on his Talent.

    2.) Image – Salman has the bad guy Image and has proved it right time and over , whereas Shahrukh is known to be the perfect father and husband. He has a Image of a perfect Man.

    3.) Court Case – Salman has 9 cases in his name , including crushing 5 beggars at night while drunk and driving , killing chingara and many more , whereas Shahrukh has never seen jail in real life.

    4.) Hits – Out of 46 movies Salman has done , 11 were hits and 6 were super hits whereas out of 73 SRK movies 40 were hits and 18 Blockbuster.

    5.) Fans – Salman has a fan following in India , South Asia and UAE whereas Srk has a huge fan following in India , South Asia , UAE , U.SA. , France , Germany , Russia , Canada , South korea and many more.

    6.) Net Worth – Salman has a net worth of 400 crore where SRK has a net worth of 4750 crore

    7.) Donation – Salman runs a foundation names being human and has turned it into a brand whereas SRK has donated 18 crore to cancer cell of Aims and has not even preached about it.

    8.) Some say SRK is greedy , well he is , he has 2 children future to look after , 1 huge bungalow to maintain , has a wife..( A father trying to earn as much money as he can for his children is not said to be greedy )

    9.) Power – SRK is the only Indian to be included in Forbes top 100 influential person in the world. According to UK tabloid , SRK HAS 5 Million Fans which is 6 times more than Salman Khan.

    That is why is he is the Undisputed King.

    • avinash

      excuse me .. srk has far more fans than aamir and sallu .. net worth of srk cant be reached by ny actor in bollywood ..even sallu and aamir fans kw this ..u better know

  • avinash

    srk has far more fans ..charity than ny other khn
    ans ..he does exhibit …also no khan can reach his stardom ..he has far more fans than ny other khan ..better u kw

    • manish

      Ya srk have more fans than Amir N Sallu ….Sallu is Famous in india only but SRL in whole world.