Why is Shahrukh Khan so helpless?

Ever since King Khan shot for an item song for his upcoming romcom Chennai Express, he has been in a tight spot. Wonder if he’ll be able to get out of this mess…

Shahrukh Khan fans need not worry! By item song, we mean One two three four from Rohit Shetty’s Chennai Express featuring the superstar and the South hottie Priyamani. And by ‘tight spot’ and ‘mess’ we mean the funny lyrics which SRK mouths – peeche kua aage mere khaai, jaun kahan mere bhai! Now, what does this suggest? We translate the lyrics of this foot tapping number only for you. Tell us if it leaves you in splits!

Poonam ke chand ko
Ghoonghat ke neeche chhupa ke
Laayi tere liye
Duniya se nazarein chura ke

Full moon’s moon
Wimple’s down hide
Brought yours for
World from eyes steal


Peechhe kuaa, aage mere khaai
Tu hi bata jaaun main kahaan
Mujhko duaa kiski lagi bhai
Aake padhara hoon jo yahaan
Ille fikar, aaja idhar
Beat pe laga le tu thumka
1 2 3 4 – get on the dance floor

Back well, front mine valley
You only say go I where
Me wish whose hit brother
Coming welcomed I when here
No worry, come here
Dhun on hit take you thumka
Ek do teen chaar – chad chalu naach maala

Imagine if the song and the trailer is such, how crazy the film would be!