Why is Sherlyn Chopra sitting naked on a horse?

Why is Sherlyn Chopra sitting naked on a horse?
Sherlyn Chopra Twitter

The Kamasutra 3D babe slips out of her skimpy clothes and flaunts her stark nudity to enjoy a….err… ride!

There’s a horse in the picture! After satiating your eyeballs with the stuff that Sherlyn Chopra has put on display in this pic – and so often elsewhere before – you may let your eyes wander away to locate the graceful creature beneath Sherlyn’s pert bottom.

The controversial babe is leaving no stone unturned to create enough hoopla for her erotic film Kama Sutra, apart from the steamy content the subject itself promises. After using every possible prop we can imagine to sort of cover her assets to play the game of hide and seek (read: seduction) in every picture she puts up on Twitter, Sherlyn has now used a horse to generate her usual titillating effect.“Paradise is on the back of a horse..” she tweeted.

After dropping her clothes – or the bits of fabric that passed for them – Sherlyn decides to let her dark curls down and relax in a comfy position on a white stallion. Just like her wardrobe, the saddle has been forgotten in order to highlight the sexy siren’s curvy posterior, which is further enhanced by diligent air-brushing.

Looks like after her Playboy stint at Hugh Heifner’s notoriously colourful mansion in LA last year, Sherlyn is finding it difficult to stay covered up. “I have become a free-spirited person after my Playboy cover,” said Miss Chopra. And speaking of which, just where is that much-talked of cover? Seen it, anyone?

We hear that after this photo-shoot the otherwise elegant horse started galloping furiously away for reasons best known to the wild and wanton Chopra!

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  • Indian

    Ftry to understand, for taking horse penis,

    • huzaifa

      its v bad

  • Asif

    nice picture

  • Tammanh

    She s an ugly girl with awful body , no one likes to see her and she doesn’t have any fan that’s y she is doing such idiot jobs and funny, ugly stands , .

    • aryandon


    • Keyur

      Shut up idiot… I love her… I love you Sherlyn !

    • siva

      How much she earned for this picture

    • mad khan

      Dear ..
      whyu single ,?

      • samumoorthi

        hi,iam samumoorthi,like your nice friendship,thankyou.

    • sekhar

      yes ………….. every one hates her ……….. doing like ugly photo shoots………

    • saurabh

      Yaa nice comment.. she is shamed

  • Rahid shah

    Nic pic But
    Its not indian culture


    front pose pls

    • aashi

      heyy dearr !! :*

  • sandip

    Nice Look

  • aryan don

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii friend

  • Vishal Agnihotry

    She is an ugly girl…….because she is not look like Indian!!!!

  • Raj

    nic pic

  • lover boy

    aishe baithana tha to mere upar baith jati dearling .. bahut maje karwata … ghoda kya kar sakata hai …



  • sbh

    she is showing the real picture of dirty india culture

    • sooriya

      that’s a side of India………….hoc..hoc…hec….hec…..

  • Sri

    For obvious reasons :-)

  • mukes

    When Sherley was doing her job, we don’t know horse fellings also camera man.

  • rakesh

    so hot and sexy

    • jsen


    • Shraddha

      Behann ko dekh le apni

  • fahad

    plastic body from down of mummy.

  • Ganesh

    She is doing only for publicity.But no effect on any.

  • shine

    kya jamana aya he dosto

  • Tuluman

    horse got a b0ner!

  • nice photo


  • rishi

    give front pose

  • rishi

    horse is so lucky

  • Ajit Singh

    Sherlyn, No fun in seeing like this.

  • rocky

    kapdo me to koi dekhata hi nahi isliye socha ki bina kpdo ke try karo

    • Sharmin

      Very bad Miss sherlyn, being worst can never give you dignity and happiness….


  • apurva tyagi

    so sweet nd nice pice dear.I m so happy both of u beautiful.