Why is Sherlyn Chopra sitting naked on a horse?

The Kamasutra 3D babe slips out of her skimpy clothes and flaunts her stark nudity to enjoy a….err… ride!

There’s a horse in the picture! After satiating your eyeballs with the stuff that Sherlyn Chopra has put on display in this pic – and so often elsewhere before – you may let your eyes wander away to locate the graceful creature beneath Sherlyn’s pert bottom.

The controversial babe is leaving no stone unturned to create enough hoopla for her erotic film Kama Sutra, apart from the steamy content the subject itself promises. After using every possible prop we can imagine to sort of cover her assets to play the game of hide and seek (read: seduction) in every picture she puts up on Twitter, Sherlyn has now used a horse to generate her usual titillating effect.“Paradise is on the back of a horse..” she tweeted.

After dropping her clothes – or the bits of fabric that passed for them – Sherlyn decides to let her dark curls down and relax in a comfy position on a white stallion. Just like her wardrobe, the saddle has been forgotten in order to highlight the sexy siren’s curvy posterior, which is further enhanced by diligent air-brushing.

Looks like after her Playboy stint at Hugh Heifner’s notoriously colourful mansion in LA last year, Sherlyn is finding it difficult to stay covered up. “I have become a free-spirited person after my Playboy cover,” said Miss Chopra. And speaking of which, just where is that much-talked of cover? Seen it, anyone?

We hear that after this photo-shoot the otherwise elegant horse started galloping furiously away for reasons best known to the wild and wanton Chopra!

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