Why is Siddharth angry?

The Rang De Basanti actor recently took to Twitter to express his anger. Find out why

A little blue birdie tells us that Siddharth has been really miffed recently. What more. He even admitted being angry and revealed the reason on Twitter. So why is Siddharth miffed, you ask? Well, we hear that the Jigarthanda actor lost his cool due to the constant reports about him which sabotage his image, despite having no truth to them.

Siddharth tweeted, “So many random rumours about me and my family these past few days. Used to bother me a lot. I think I’ve become numb. Have some respect. Similar lies written about me a decade ago led to people still believing I have teenage children. One irresponsible article goes a long way. I’m 35 years old. I’m working harder than I’ve ever worked. When I settle down in life I’ll let you all know. Till then, just chill.Please.”

Well, there have been several linkup rumours about Siddharth in the media. And of course, one can’t forget the reports about Sid having a love child. Anyways, we hope that with Sid taking to Twitter and clarifying what he feels, all such rumours are put to rest…