Why is Sonakshi Sinha desperately looking forward to the weekend?

The Dabangg 2 babe is undoubtedly among the busiest B-town actors who endlessly wait for a holiday weekend. Wonder if that’s the reason why Sonakshi is thanking God in the disco number from Sajid Khan’s Himmatwala?

Like any normal mortal, apna Bollywood stars too get just a day off from their hectic shooting schedules. So after a draining week, they look forward to the holiday to spend some quality time with family and friends. In the latest disco song Thank God it’s Friday from Sajid Khan’s Himmatwala, Sonakshi Sinha can’t stop expressing her joy as the weekend arrives. This time we translate the foot-tapping number to English and from English to Hindi word-for-word. At least you can thank us if you like the translation!


Hey you
Har ek din hai tera darling aah
Same night arrive
Hey you
Hai yeh shaam kehti darling
Come look alive
Mar marke kaata hai yeh week saala
Ab jhoomke dil kahe he he he
Thank god it’s friday
Thank god it’s friday

Hey tu
Every one day is yours jaaneman
Ek raat aayi
Hey tu
Is this evening say jaaneman
Aa dekh zinda
Die died cut is this hafta idiot
Now dancing heart say he he he
Shukriya bhagwaan yeh hai shukravaar
Shukriya bhagwaan yeh hai shukravaar



Monday bura, tuesday bura
Aahon ko bhar bhar ke
Tera hai meri jaan
Wednesday gaya thursday gaya
Ab toh meri jaan zara muskura
Hai tu mere aaj ke plan mein
Aur main tere plan mein
Thank god its friday
Thank god its friday!

Somvaar bad, mangalvaar bad
Groan fill fill
Yours there my love
Budhwaar gone Guruwaar gone
Now at least my love little smile
There you my today’s yojnaa
And I yours yojnaa in
Shukriya bhagwaan yeh hai shukravaar
Shukriya bhagwaan yeh hai shukravaar!