Why is Sonakshi Sinha so angry?

The pretty Lootera actor gets irritated when trying to quell the rumours of her alleged lovemaking scene with Ranveer Singh in the film

Sonakshi Sinha has maintained since the beginning that she isn’t okay with doing bold lovemaking scenes. The actor has in the past maintained a no-kissing policy and has been on guard at all times. It was not a shock then, that the pretty actor was a-fuming when she found out that the overzealous PR team responsible for promoting Lootera started hawking the news that Sona had a rather raunchy lovemaking scene in the film. There was more, it was even alleged that her mum Poonam Sinha was present on the sets while beti was filming the sexy stuff to make sure that she wouldn’t be made to expose too much skin!

Clearly Ms Sinha wasn’t amused by this story and gave a earful to the PR team responsible for the gaffe. It turns out there is such a sequence in the film; however, the actor’s mother did not interfere with the shoot and wasn’t present on the sets. And while Sonakshi was unavailable for comment, her friend said that Sona didn’t need to resort to such publicity tactics and was very professional as far as her acting was concerned. “Sonakshi is a director’s actor and doesn’t interfere with his vision. She signs a film only when she has complete faith in the filmmaker and the story. At the same time, she makes it clear beforehand what she is comfortable doing and what she is not. She doesn’t require her mother or anyone else to supervise her on the sets,” said the source.

We can’t wait to check out the scene that made the pretty actor lose her cool!