Why is Sridevi carrying such a dull clutch?

Why is Sridevi carrying such a dull clutch?

We spotted the English Vinglish actor looking smashing in a blue Zara dress. But the clutch she’s carrying is sticking out like a sore thumb, and we wish she had opted for a hue that complemented her outfit rather than ruining her look

Evening clutches are your best bet, especially if you are heading for a glamorous do. But make sure that you keep an arm’s length from disastrous combinations like electrifying blue and taupe – which Sridevi resorts to very conveniently. A li’l bit of bling embellished aesthetically on your purse won’t harm your look either. So carry something that complements the mood of the evening. Imagine you are sipping elegantly from your snifter and holding on to a bag that doesn’t go with your look….shudder! All your fashion hard work vanishes down the dirty damn drain, no!

So here are a couple of options that both you and Sridevi must try if you want to look like a stylish diva…

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  • saty

    Gala World Premiere of Sridevi’s ‘English Vinglish’ at the prestigious Toronto Film Festival just a few hours away. Starts 9.30pm (Toronto Time) on Friday 14th September at the biggest auditorium in Toronto. All the shows have been SOLD OUT and the preview buzz is highly positive. Only film at the festival that has made such an impact. Best wishes to Sridevi, her French co-star Mehdi Nebbou and team English Vinglish as they get ready to walk the famous Red Carpet. Get ready for a standing ovation and awesome reviews from Toronto. Given such a terrific international response, the film can very well go all the way to the Oscars!!

  • Kelly

    I don’t think so ! Her clutch is standin out coz its different from the usual lot carry with a dress like that . too much is not such a good idea . I loved it !