Why is Sridevi not winning any awards?

Why is Sridevi not winning any awards?

We thought the English Vinglish star would carry off all the best actor trophies. But nothing has been coming her way. How come?

When we heard about Sridevi making a comeback in a small film called English Vinglish by a new director called Gauri Shinde, we felt a mix of emotions – joy that one of the most expressive actors in contemporary cinema was going to be working again and nervousness that her movie could suffer the same fate as others, be it Aaja Nachle (Madhuri Dixit-Nene’s return to the big screen) or Karisma Kapoor’s Dangerous Ishhq – those kinda came and went in a super-fast whoosh! But since we at BollywoodLife are Sri fans, we wondered, gently worried and headed to the salon for a nail spa to fix bitten cuticles. And then English Vinglish released, everyone loved it and Sridevi was ba-a-a-ack!

Okay, great, so we have the lovely lady, looking better than ever before, though obviously not in the same song-and-dance class as before, at work again, not hiding her age, her growing-up daughters or her need to have portly husband Boney Kapoor holding her pretty hand right through. And she is reading new scripts, planning new films and throwing out hints about working with patidev again sooner rather than later.

But there is something bothering us hugely. Sridevi has been nominated a-plenty for all the top awards, as Best Actor. But so far, she has gone none of them. The Colors Screen Awards trophy went to Vidya Balan, the Zenith (Zee Cine Awards) went to Priyanka Chopra and the Filmfare black lady went to…guess who! Vidya Balan.

How come our lady Sridevi did not take home anything? Is there a bias? Did someone exert influence? Or is there just so much talent up there in the starry firmament that Sri lost out to quality rather than politics? We would go with that last story – after all, with stars like Priyanka (Barfi!), Vidya (Kahaani), Katrina Kaif (Ek Tha Tiger) and Deepika Padukone (Cocktail), the competition has been exceptionally tough. And Sri, as much as we like the way she does what she does, lost in a fair fight this time around. Don’t you agree?

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  • Deepa Bhatia

    Sridevi shows us that Talent knows no age limit and could teach Priyanka,Kareena,Katrina,Deepika,Vidya,thing or two when it comes to Acting….
    Sridevi has been winning 90% of all Online Polls and next was Priyanka and Kareena…….but but Vidya Balan was no where near Sridevi or others……….WHO HAS VOTED FOR VIDYA BALAN, is my question??? Why this injustice to Sridevi, Why is Sridevi sidelined,Why is this Legend not given her dues……..???
    Despite all these, Sridevi was gracious enough to attend most of the Award Shows and applaud for the winners.

    • parwez

      i agree with u bro, she won millions of hearts.

      • REZA

        Sridevi dosent need any awards . We all know how great she is , i loved her film English Vinglish it was outstanding . Sadaly I have to say this award show that bollywood presents are all useless , anyone one who takes this award seriously needs to get their head checked out .

  • Sumith Jain

    Sridevi’s performance in English Vinglish won laurels in many film festivals.Sridevi’s performance got a standing ovation. She was even called the ‘Meryl Streep of India.’

    And yet,Sridevi has been royally snubbed during Bollywood Awards Funtions.

    Shame on them!!

  • Saroja

    Politics and money can but anything!otherwise Richa Chadda who was very good as supprting actress and nominated as supporting actress category at Filmfare too, suddenly won the best actress critics award,before that all the news papers and TV media publishes it was Sri who has won the best actress critics award at ZEE Cine award..at the last minute it has changed and given to Vidya Balan,forget about Screen award coz it’s directly sponsored by UTV..so it’s oblivious money,politics,PR imaginary help to get and award,compiteion was tight but not that tight that all the awards should go to particular production house(best male-female actor,best film,director..writer and almost all of them from UTV)

    • Saroja

      *buy,*PR machinery

  • Vinod Agrawal

    None of the Indian Awards have given Best Actress Award to Sridevi for her brilliant performance in English Vinglish!!
    It is really surprising that Vidya Balan won four Screen Awards in a row! are we kidding??? Vidya Balan gave a good performance in Kahaani, but she has been consistently giving such similar performances, so she deserves an award only when she outperforms herself.
    Meryl Streep is the finest Hollywood actress, but she won Oscar only thrice out of her 17 nominations. Indian Awards should learn a thing or two from Golden Globe & Oscars, there are slips, but nothing like our Indian Awards!

  • khusro sajid

    Sridevi definitely deserved a few of these awards, it is almost like there was a collective effort to sideline her. Well, most of those in the jury would be totally jealous of her and of her stupendous comeback anyways. The jury consists mostly of her contemporaries, so you can understand why they would not vote for her.

    The truth is that Sri has not been really given her dues. She is an actress beyond compare, no wonder Kareena, Kajol, Vidya all respect her so much.

    She did not get all those awards. Fine. You do not want to reward her achievements fine. But you just cannot take away the fact that she rules the hearts of millions of Indians, including the biggest of the bollywood stars. Her stature is really something else.

    I mean who really remembers how many awards one wins. Do we remember Shabana Azmi with more fondness or Sridevi? My point is that when all is said and done and the dust settles, Sri would be one of the true immortal stars. That is her achievement!!

    I think she deserves a national award and eventually a dada saheb phalke for the magic she is created with her performances.

  • s

    Serioisly BL , you think Katrina in Ek tha tiger presented ‘tough’ competition?!? What on earth were you thinking when you wrote this?!? The girl had one expression – consistently potrayed in evety scene incl ‘mashhalah’ song

  • Fan Devi

    Its Unfair – Not a single award – some awards has a tradition of giving useless awards like special merit, mention, 25 years of cinema etc – they couldn’t find a single one for her – she deserved best actress over Vidya and PC this year – something is wrong in the panels – its not transparent as well so I believe its beyond our discussion too

  • vivek

    really, you think priyanka and deepika were better than sridevi … pathetic.

    we after all know how these awards are given ! so its not a surprise at all. afterall how many times has filmfare awarded anyone worth there mete.

  • LJ

    Katrina Kaif??????Giving a tough competition!!!!Heaven on earth..There can never be a bigger insult to Sridevi than this.

    And regarding she being snubbed at award functions .. It’s injustice to core.. Ok. Vidya’s performance was indeed a good one and one might on a tough slide on deciding between Sridevi or Vidya. But coming to Kahani, the script was stupendous and script + story played the biggest factor. Anyone who had portrayed that character wouldve done a so called great job. Credit goes to Sujoy Ghosh. But English Vinglish, oh man can you imagine any any any other heroine portraying such a simple character with such perfection and ease. She literally brought acting back to Indian Cinema. Jury members lied down and spit on their own faces by ignoring her performance. Anupam Kher tweeted “Sridevi is Queen and Queen is above all awards”. That’s the truth.

    India is a country where a Saif Ali Khan wins National Award for a movie called Hum Tum. Do you need anything more to understand the credibility of Awards in India????? I wish Sridevi never entered bollywood arena..She should’ve sticked on to Tamil or most importantly Malayalam movies where all they look for and praise is talent!!!And where the so called PR can never do any miracles!!

    • Deepa Bhatia

      Brilliant Writing….

    • Gia

      yes agreed!…

  • Rasik Punekar

    We agree when you say Sridevi lost in quality to her competitors. DEFINITELY SHE DOESN’T HAVE LOBBYING QUALITIES WHICH ARE ESSENTIAL THESE DAYS TO WIN AWARDS.

    • Deepa Bhatia

      Well Said!!

  • nalanim

    shame to awards fuctions in india…. sridevi is always no 1

  • Swati Bansal

    I must say, very well written…I loved reading it throughout! :)

  • parwez

    i agree with u sis, she won millions of hearts.

  • Preeti Sabarwal

    Very disappointed Sridevi did not win any award for her BRILLIANT performance in English Vinglish. Not that these awards have any credibility but seriously it was Sridevi Sridevi Sridevi!!
    Meryl Streep won 3 Oscars in her whole entire career and with all the great roles she did, while someone like Vidya Balan wins 6 Filmfare awards in 4 or 5 years…. This just shows how terrible Indian Awards are!!!
    The point is, this is not the first time that happens to Sridevi or any deserving winner but it will continue to happen until the stars themselves stop it and boycott going to such corrupted functions. As an observer what irritates me more is not Sridevi’s lost award, but the whole idea of these corrupt functions being held in the first place.
    The lady with all that injustice has maintained that dignified silent in full grace. Sridevi you are the Performer of the year, HANDS DOWN!!


    Well said & some more clarification …………………….
    competition & katrina
    lost out to quality & LOBBYING QUALITY
    Ability = Those Expressions, Acting, Humility …….
    Hope awards r not fit for beloved Sri

  • parwez

    i totely agree with u sister, she won millions of hearts.

  • Anil

    Injustice at its peak! They are following each others footsteps, one Award show ignore Sridevi rest continued the same story.
    Do hell with these Award Shows……………
    SRIDEVI has won the race, Perod.

  • Rajan Naidu

    Well written… thanks admin for voicing this concern on your site… All Sridevi fans are damn upset about this ignorance and have been tweeting to Zee, Screen and Filmfare but in vain. None of these so called reputed award institutions have an answer to this question… Infact the Filmfare guy has blocked most of Sridevi fans and fanclubs who have raised their concern about this injustice..

    Though Sridevi is beyond all such awards but say after 50 yrs the new generation will check as to how many awards she has got to her credit… It is so disappointing to all of us that we have lost interest in Indian awards… actresses who have come later than Sridevi are being awarded by filmfare for their contribution in Indian cinema… are they blind to have not seen Sridevi’s contribution to the Indian cinema??? Disgusting…

    All these awards are been brought by people either as a wedding gift to a newly married actress or in barter of favors (?) being done at such award shows… Its a very shocking thing but people have now got an attitude of “CHALTA HAI” and letgo such things… Its the loss of award institution to have lost the opportunity of honoring this Queen of Indian Cinema… Guess in coming years the awards will be restricted only within a certain section of actors who believes in “GIVE & TAKE”

  • sameer

    This is not the first time Filmfare has done it to Sri. In year 1986 and 87, when Sri 2 big films were released, NAGINA and Mr. India, Filmfare didn’t happen in those years. It may happened but they could have given award later to deserving candidate. they didn’t do it.

  • shiba

    I agree she shouldnt be neglected as she did best performance and deserve an award

  • Khalid Khalifa

    Why she didn’t win? Because of the corruption in the awarding system in India. Shame on Indian awards. Thank god I’m not Indian. Wish we had here in the Arab world an actress like her. We would have given her her due and respect. I guarantee you if English Vinglish was a Hollywood movie Sridevi would have won the Oscar itself. Actually I cannot find any other actress in 2012 who outperformed her be it in Bollywood, Hollywood or even the Arabic cinema. Sridevi deserves an International award. Let the paid for Indian awards be for award buyers who are well known by now. Really pissed off of this attitude and injustice.

  • parvesh sahni

    i think sabhi awards shows ke jury members blind hai..sridevi ji ke abhinay ki tez roshni ke aage sabhi jury members ki eyes kharab ho gyi…aur satya ka paraksh saamne hote hue bhi unhone awards other actress ko de diye…yeh kalyug hai..yahan satya and ache logo ko dabaya jata hai..aur baaki logo ko aage kiya jata hai..awards na milne se jury members yaan baaki log yeh mat samjhe..ki hamara pyaar sridevi ji ke liye kam ho jayega..balki hamara pyaar sridevi ji ke liye din b din badta rahega…lakho croro logo ka pyaar hi sridevi ji ke liye best award hai..jis ko naa koi cheen sakta hai..na koi chura sakta hai..sridevi ji na kewal 2012 ke liye..balki woh to hamesha hamesha ke liye No 1 and evergreen best actress hain…yugo yugo tak sridevi ji hi rahengei…

  • Halimali


    Though it is a bummer Sridevi did not win these award, but one side of me is happy because THIS WILL BE THE BIGGEST PROOF EVER that ALL these awards are nothing but FAKE and PAID for. I’m not saying this because I’m a Sridevi fan, No. This is my opinion about these awards even if Sri was the winner in all of them.
    The Awarding system in India started going down since the 1980s. and Then when the 1990s came we have specific names known by all public who BUY awards. They are very well known. In 2000s the SHAME has totally gone that one buys an award, brags about buying it and make a party that he bought it.

    You cannot claim you have an award system and miss a performance like Sri’s. As to others here who claim that Vidya, Priyanka or others were as strong. I say NO. They were not award worthy compared to Sridevi.

    If you are giving an award for best actress you should keep in mind the following: 1- Good performance, 2- Screen Footage, 3- What messages did the role delivered and if we look into each:

    - Vidya Balan:
    Yes she had the screen footage as it was her film, Some think it was a good performance (Though I totally disagree I think it was below than average and not worthy for a nomination itself).
    But what her role lack severely is the message!!! What Message did Vidya’s role or even movie deliver?? to take the revenge with your own hands or to fake a pregnancy or what?
    Here Vidya should be excluded from the win.

    - Priyanka Chopra:
    She gave a good performance, some might interpret that her role had a slight hidden message about love and friendship blah blah. But what clearly she lacks is Screen Footage!! The other girl in Barfi had more screen footage than her and that girl is nominated in supporting cast. So clearly Priyanka is nominated in the wrong category.
    Here Priyanka should be excluded from the win in Best actress category

    - Sridevi:
    Sri had the full screen footage. hardly these is any scene without her in English Vinglish. Performance wise: Natural, powerful, genuine and warm. Messages? Tons of them, be it the movie or her role. It was all about how a human being gains his respect and dignity. I have not seen a movie that taps that much about relationships and our lives.
    - Sri fulfilling all the requirements for winning the best actress award.

    But there is one thing that Sridevi does not fulfill to win the Indian awards and that is “PAYING”. That is one criteria that only Indian awards have and it cancels all the other criterias. Pay for the award and you get it. No questions asked.

    Finally congratulations for all the winners of trophies of disgrace. I’m sure whenever they will look at these paid awards on their shelves they will remember the price they paid it for.

  • Zareen

    Totally unfair…n thuuu hai aise award n jury member k muh par.jawhri bnkar bhi heere k jagah koela dhundhte hain sale…

  • Ghazal

    It’s the biggest shock to discover how Sridevi has been ignored in all the award functions. It seems deliberate. She gave flawless performance in English Vinglish and deserved the best actress award this year. By not giving any award to her, the award functions have lost their credibility. Shame on all the jury members! All oft hem are corrupt.

  • Pooja Joshi

    SRIDEVI conguered all Online Polls this year, She was No.1 everywhere.They may not give her awards but the Public knows Sridevi was the Best of 2012.
    Sridevi’s performance was effortless,brilliant and flawless unlike other actresses…

  • rajesh

    its politics, and its so obvious, kajol got it for a suppporting role in mnik but sri who was far bigger than kajol and comesback with a smashing hit without hero is not given.

  • syntilang

    Yes!I totally agree… Sridevi who deserve to get the awards for the best actress this years… I bekieve its all about politic involve in this awards… Sridevi the queen bee you are the best just carry on with your good job…. Norh East South West Sridevi is the Best…

  • Padma

    I suspect foul play here. Priyanka and Vidya were good, but Sridevi was WAY BETTER….. She definately deserved the awards – it’s just cheap politics. Anyways, she just won the Padma Shri, so we have reason to celebrate…..

  • Uchita

    Totally unfair. These awards have become such nonsense. Give the awards to young actresses so that the award shows remain popular. We should boycott these awards. Sridevi should have won all these awards. We should start a petition to get Sridevi reconsidered for these awards. Please Vidya was average not worthy of the best actress award.

    Its a shame for the industry to ignore Sridevis performance.

  • MyOpinion

    This is nonsense. Sridevi was NOT better than Priyanka or Vidya. Let’s not get carried away here. English Vinglish was a decent one-time watch but that’s about it. It was way over-rated. It was not an Earth-shattering performance.

    • Maya

      um, yes she was, infact pc should have been nominated for best supporting actress. yes vidya’s performance was good, but what is THE message? SRIDEVI’S PERFORMANCE CONTAINED MANY NATURAL EMOTIONS,MESSAGES,DIOLOGOUE DELIVERY!!

  • Maya gill

    This isnt the first that this happend to sridevi. She was Excellent in nagina, mr.india, khudah gawah, gumrah, laadla, army, and judaai. At leat the government were fair to give her a padma sri. Honestly, u guys are right. Vidya is a great actress but Sridevi delivered a much unique performance by not only her diologues, but her expressions also. My question is that, if filmfare is an award show, shouldnt they give the award to the best performance of the year?? Its really sad!! This is a big proof that awards are bought with money, not with sheer talent!!!

    • Prashant

      Sridevi was exceptional in Sadma and Mr. India (specially that Charlie Chaplin Act)!


    Sridevi has and always will be my favourite along with Madhuri, Kajol and Meenakshi. She must not give up or lose hope cuz just like her comeback movie, she will win. So don’t fail to try and she will STILL BE DA BEST.Love u Sri. And what ever happened to my other favourite lady Kajol? She seems to be lost now for a long time. Come back to da movies PLEEEEZZZ!!!!!! Keep going ladies.. The performances of other actresses these days are nothing in comparison to what these talented actresses have offered to their adoring fans. So Deepika, Vidya, and Priyanka hope to see one of u cast in a movie alongside one of these greats of cinema. And I’m sure we all know who will be taking home the awards!!!!!

  • Pooja Tiwari

    Unfair………Sridevi should have swiped all the awards this year, she was the undisputed winner of 2012. BUT BUT these Awards their politics !

  • sara

    sri did well in english vinglish but she was not exceptional. vidya too was NOT that good in kahani..although i love kareena and not a priyanka fan buti personally feel priyanka deserved filmfare award. she really did great this time

    • Prashant

      Watch Kahaani.

    • Maya Gill

      um yes Sridevi was par excellent in English Vinglish. Pc did great in barfi, but she should have been nominated for best actress in a supporting role. sridevi had way more footage and her expression were out of this world!! no other actress could come close to the Queen!!!!

  • Sharon, u.k

    I couldn’t believe how awards can be bought. It’s politics but nothing else. Sridevi delivered the finest performance of her lifetime.She was the queen and always stay the queen. People will keep playing dirty politics but hope you come back eahc time with a bang. MORE POWER TO SRIDEVI. We will always love you.

  • Pina

    No one but Sridevi deserve all the awards this year. But this couldn’t happen because of politics.

  • zets

    So well said by someone in the comment box. Everyone got jealous of her and so true that people in the jury are all her contamporaries!!! Shame to those haters!!!! It’s a karma what goes around comes around.

  • sak

    Its very unfair. Its is very clear that Sridevi outperformed vidyabalan with her performance for her difficult role in english vinglish modulating her diction and expressions and carrying the entire movie on her shoulders. She deserves the award.

  • Pramod

    Its generally biased. Only current successful actresses are given awards. Sridevi is not the current heartthorb so she was not given an award. Her performance was the best this yar and nobody came even close. Unfortunately there are no genuine awards in India

  • murti

    the worst part is that vidya balan is winning the awards, either priyanka or sridevi should have won. priyanka for playing an autism character and sridevi for playing an illiterate who if full of emotions.

  • prasad

    Sridevi is better than maduri or vidya north indian allways treat sridevi 2 second place. Why is that. Sri is good dancer than maduri and others iifa should give 2 her best actress eward vidya is 2 much