Why is Sunny Deol and Kangna Ranaut’s film I Love NY shelved?

The Gadar actor’s Bollywood career is sinking it seems

After a series of postponed release dates, Kangna Ranaut and Sunny Deol starrer I Love NY has finally been shelved. It looks like the under-performance of Anil Sharma’s Singh Saab The Great has had a snowballing affect on Sunny Deol’s career. The first casualty of Deol’s career slump is the directorial duo Vinay Sapru and Radhika Rao’s I Love NY. According to a source, “Vinay and Radhika finished shooting the film in 2011. Producer Bhushan Kumar has apparently decided to shelve the film finally. It was initially to be released on February 22, 2013. The date was changed to April 26, 2013 and then further postponed to September 30 the same year. Finally it was decided that the film would be released on December 30, 2013 as the story unfolded over the new-year weekend. That too was postponed.”

Apparently, the producers wanted to wait it out until the box office outcome of Sunny Deol’s last release Singh Saab The Great was clear. Says the source, “When Singh Saab The Great didn’t perform well, Bhushan decided that releasing the film was financially not feasible and shelved the film.”

I Love NY co-director Vinay Sapru says, “Only the producers can answer when and if our film will be released. I guess every film has its destiny, Radhika and I are heartbroken… Three years of our efforts have gone waste. But I guess one has to move on.”

Bhushan Kumar was unavailable for comment.

Text Courtesy: DNA