Why is Sunny Leone missing from ‘Jism 2’ poster?

Department item gal Nathalia Kaur is the one whose silhouette you see on the poster

This is a first even for the Bhatts. While we’ve heard of stars of a film not being included in a poster, this is the first time we’ve heard about a poster featuring an…er… actor who is not part of the film’s cast! The sizzling poster of Jism 2 shows a sexy naked woman draped in gauze. Her stunning figure is visible to all, but her face is not. In another poster, a woman’s bare back is seen as she stands under a waterfall. It has been generally assumed that it was Sunny Leone – after all, she is the female lead in the film.The Bhatts went to a lot of trouble to sign her on; Mahesh Bhatt even entered the Bigg Boss 5 house to narrate the story to her instead of waiting for her to be eliminated, just so that she would make her Bollywood debut in his film. But strangely, the poster gal is not Sunny. There was speculation that it could be Paoli Dam from Hate Story, but instead, it is Nathalia Kaur.

Remember Nathalia? She did the item number Dan dan cheeni in Ram Gopal Varma’s Department. Incidentally, she shot the poster long before she was chosen for the item song. Pooja Bhatt had specially selected her for the poster and commissioned the photo shoot, as she felt that Nathalia fit the concept she had in mind. Does that mean Pooja felt Sunny didn’t fit? No! Pooja didn’t shoot the poster with Sunny because she had not yet signed her for the film. Sunny was nowhere in the picture when the poster was shot a year ago, during the monsoons. The Bhatts were still undecided about the cast as talks with Mallika Sherawat and Bipasha Basu had failed. The poster was just a way to increase public interest in the film. Well, we must admit, it worked. And now that the steamy trailers of Jism 2 are out too, the true identity of the poster gal is not going to diminish our interest in the film. What about you?