Why is Yo Yo Honey Singh inviting everybody on the beach?

He is not literally. We are just talking about the special number he has sung for Divya Khosla Kumar’s forthcoming film

Trust rap singer Yo Yo Honey Singh to come up with quirky lyrics and he will never fail to leave you amused. After Lungi dance, the singer has caught attention for another song which goes like Aaj blue hai paani paani aur din hai sunny sunny. While this beach party number from Yaariyan is full on entertaining, we thought of making it more even more dhansu by translating the lyrics in English that too word-to-word. So below is the funny angrezi version. Read and have fun but most importantly tell us whether it tickled your funny bone or not…


Aaj blue hai paani

Paani Paani Paani Paani Paani

Today blue is water

Water water water water water


Aur Din Bhi Sunny

Sunny Sunny Sunny Sunny Sunny

And day also sunshine

Sunshine sunshine sunshine sunshine sunshine


Aa jaao on the beach yaar

Photo meri kheench

Phooti kismat hogi teri

Agar tune yeh baat na maani


Come on the beach

Picture my click

Broken destiny will be your

If you this talk not agreed