Why isn’t Nargis Fakhri getting more acting offers?

We spotted the babe’s photoshoot for Maxim and we wonder why despite her amazingly good looks she hasn’t managed to bag too many films 

Nargis Fakhri is scorching hot in the style shoot for Maxim. The images are evidence enough that the babe has all the prerequisites to be a typical Bollywood chick. She has the face, the attitude and of course the bod that can make any B-town gal go green with envy. She still has to hone her acting skills big time, but then who cares! A lot of young women in Hindi cinema can’t act at all, despite being in the industry for ages. It’s been two long years since Rockstar released, and apart from a couple of commercials NF hasn’t done much in B-town, if you ignore her Twitter flirtation with Uday Chopra, that is. So what is it about the luscious pouted chick that makes her so right for apna industry…

Long legs: The babe’s legs are made in heaven. They are long, perfectly in shape, very model-like and feminine. Remember the scene in which Pooja Bhatt tries to hitch a ride and yes, the smart babe does that by lifting her skirt and brings the vehicle to a screeching halt in Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin. We can see NF doing absolute justice to such a scene.

Toned midriff: Has she ever heard of a word called ‘paunch’, hell no, we are sure! As she poses in sexy boy pants and a classic black bra, we can already imagine how she must have carved all that cellulite out of her tummy to get a sexy one. Or our other side of the brain says that she’s blessed with great metabolism!

Fabulous pout: The babe has a pout that would make her admirers go weak in the knees. Not so droopy like Jolie’s but sexy enough to raise temperatures.

Chiselled nose: Just cover her eyes and lips and expose that nose and it would seem like it is a part of a sculpture created by a talented artist.

Expressive eyes: NF is creating a furore with those killer, slightly Doe shaped eyes. Now we know why it wasn’t much of an effort for Ranboo to perform all those intensely romantic scenes in Rockstar when he had to look deep into her eyes.