Why should Akshay Kumar be desperate to star in the Kaalia remake?

Why should Akshay Kumar be desperate to star in the Kaalia remake?

Salman Khan, Ajay Devgn and Akshay Kumar are on producer Rajat Rawail’s wish list for his remake of the 1981 film starring Amitabh Bachchan. But it’s Akshay Kumar who needs the Kaalia remake badly, especially after the debacle of Joker

Just when we thought that Akshay Kumar had reclaimed lost ground and emerged victorious at the box office with his Rs 100 crore netter Rowdy Rathore, the macho star let us down once again with Shirish Kunder’s colossal flop, Joker. The movie was a harrowing experience even for those who watched it just to see Akki’s performance. Kunder’s ‘alien’ film has brought our Khiladi Kumar back to square one, the position the 47-year-old actor must have dreaded for a long time! And now Akshay is looking for a solid comeback to bounce back to top spot. Does Akki have that chance in the immediate future? Perhaps!

We hear that Amitabh Bachchan’s 1981 blockbuster film Kaalia is being remade and producer Rajat Rawail has Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn on his wish list for the lead role. “I’m indebted to Salman bhai because whatever I am today is after his association with my film Ready. I have a high regard for Ajay sir for the brilliant actor he is and Akshay sir is one of the biggest box-office phenomena,” said Rajat in an interview to a daily.

The Kaalia remake will go on the floors once Rajat gets the director on board and the writing team in place. As of now, the offer is open to the three superstars and whoever gives the nod first will step into Amitabh Bachchan’s big shoes. It will be a tough ask, but with Salman Khan doing exceedingly well at the box office and Ajay being successful with Bol Bachchan (and with Son Of Sardaar to look forward to), it’s only Akshay who must be rubbing his palms in anticipation of grabbing that meaty role.

But will Akki replace Big B successfully, or should the producers of Kaalia wait till a certain bhai gives his nod for the film? Tell us – what do you think?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • BigB no.1

    Akshay kumar will be better choice for Kaliya movie.
    He’ll rock.



      • paresh

        100% agreed,akshay is the perfect choice for kaliya…
        he perfectly fit to amitabh’s role.

        • hussain

          yes, akshay he hai to bachan saab ka role kar sakta hai, he has that personality

  • akhil

    Akshay is perfect for the role..of amitabh ji..he is superb…in every role…u rock akshay sir

  • Abhishek Singh Sirmour

    Akshay Kumar is the man. !

  • Imran Haji

    Always Akshay Kumar.
    Second Choice Ajay Devgan.

  • sufiyaan

    salman khan is too big for that shoe .. kekeke.. i say Salman Khan wud do a very good job but let akshay have it this time

  • Catherine

    Akshay has 44 not 47.

  • singham

    Fakt bajirao singham…devgn

  • reshmi

    come on man, you can’t just say akki’s career is back to square 1 with 1 flop, especially when he delivered two blockbuster in just 1 month, he’s not a human machine that every movie will be a hit. Joker won’t affect akki, but it will affect shirish in the long run.

  • Fazil786

    I think akki is best and perfect 2 role

  • jeetu990

    definetely akshay kumar is perfect for kalia remake

  • Boss

    You can’t just say that Akki is back to square one because of just one flop.. He has already given 2 Blockbusters in about 4 months.. And Joker won’t affect Akki but rather Shirish. As for the role, Sallu won’t really fit in that much as most of his “action” movies are comedy based (Wanted, Dabangg, Ready, Bodyguard) and Kaalia seems like a serious movie. Either Ajay Devgn or Akshay Kumar would be perfect for this role.

  • nishchay

    i too think akki will be best…. joker wont affect akki… he too was cheated by shirish….so no harms to akki… well some of his blockbusters are yet to come like KHILADI 786. ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAI 2…

  • Andy

    Akshay kumar is real khiladi

  • Shankhayan

    Akshay kumar has very good film in future,This year’s Oh My God and Khiladi 786 are sure shot blockbusters and as per next year is concerned he has movies like once upon a tme in mumbai 2 and NAM HAIN BOSS,which should be blockbusters then u have Ramana remake with Sanjay Leela Bhansali and another remake with Mudragoos….then it is heard that he has another remake with Raja …this are all blockbusters according to me the only one which can be a terrific film but have to wait and see is special chhabbis…Akshay has a great future now as Hera Pheri 4 also awaits to go on floors…so i dont think he has lost much ground with Joker as with 2 blockbusters already and to potential blockbusters to come in the same year,we can consider him to at top now.

  • Perzid

    Akshay kumar is the rite choice…

  • Farhan

    Akshay Kumar–fit hai boss.

  • Asif aryan

    Akki bhai tum action film kiya karo

  • Akshay Is King

    Which idiot wrote this article? A directed by somebody like shirish kunder can always be expected to be s flop whether it stars akshay or salman. The director is a cheater and a loser. Akshay Kumar is the pride of our nation, muchi higher thsn ajay devgan and salman khan although both are good in their own respect. Akshay Kumar is a source of pride and inspiration for every indian , he is the definition of acting

  • bittu

    Akshay kumar is the better choice of kaaliya remake………

    yes joker is running badly but akshay is real superstar…..

  • akki sonia

    akki bhai only

  • Mohanjit Singh

    “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U AKSHAY” U are Glory Dawn.Mat Success Kiss YOUR STEPS.

  • Mohanjit Singh”"

    “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U AKSHAY” U are Glory Dawn. May Success kiss your STEPS.

  • shubham


  • varun

    my choice is akshay kumar… he has that personality… 6ft height.. as Amitabh ji… he has that charm..he will do justice to kaalia remake.. if u want to confirm it…watch his SANGHARSH…you will definitely opt for akshay.. As for SALMAN KHAN .. he is good doing comic-action movies.. he is good in his area.. and for Ajay Devgn.. he is very good in portraying such kind of roles…but this time I will suggest AKSHAY…

  • Sagar shingala

    Akshay kumar is king of Bolywood kaliya movie ke liye Akki is Best I Love Akki. Me akshay kumar ka diwana hoo.

  • harsh deokar


  • rishi

    akki is best this movie akki is hit machine i want akshay kumar this movie akki and akki only

  • harish devda

    akshay kumar kaaliya look very nice the film are very super hit

  • Ankur bansal

    I think akshay is best for the role in kaaliya’s remake, because khiladi khel to jeet-ta hi h but dilo ko b jeet leta h…….we loves u akki…forever

  • pratik raval

    Akshay is the best a rol akki acha kar shkata hai

  • arun

    I hope they don’t remake KAALIA with any of these star because nobody played the role better than Amitabh Bachchan and as for Salman Khan and Akshay kumar there walk through there role with no intrest that why they do south remakes and as for Ajay Devgan lately he looks stale there is only one star that has done just to Amitabh bachchan role and that is Shahrukh Khan because he never tryed to do act the way Amitabh Bachchan act he bring his own style

  • ron

    Kaalia Remake

    Sushant Singh Rajput

    Rajat Rawail

    Salman Khan

    Akshay Kumar

    Ajay Devgn

    Aamir Khan

  • ron

    Sushant Singh Rajput as Kaalia in kaalia Remake
    actor from kie po che and tv drama