Why should Akshay Kumar be impressed with Esha Gupta?

The actor from Raaz 3 has not only said so but has also proved that she is a fearless girl. And here’s how…

After watching Jacqueline Fernandez’s uninhibited performance (read smooch and strip fest with Emraan Hashmi) in Murder 2, Vikram Bhatt was convinced that this lady would have no qualms in wearing bare nothings – a must for horror flicks – in Raaz 3. Little did he know that Sajid Khan’s arrival in the Sri Lankan beauty’s life would change much more than just her relationship status. And it did.

While on the sets of Raaz 3, Jacqueline resorted to frowning at the very mention of skimpy clothes. And when Vikram narrated a scene that included – hold your breath – cockroaches, Jacqueline didn’t know where to look. Also, the scene demanded that the babe flee from the cockroach inflicted site wearing…errr….almost nothing. Of course, Sajid Khan wouldn’t have allowed that!

So, tired of Jaqs’ growing nakhras, the Bhatts decided to replace her with Esha Gupta, who agreed to brave the creepy-crawly attack in the near-nude. Whoa! Guess that automatically qualifies her for the next season of Fear Factor Khatron Ke Khiladi, no? Why? Remember how host Akshay Kumar makes the contestants of this reality television show touch, sleep, and sometimes even eat (ewwww!) the not-so-delightful insects? So wouldn’t Akki be impressed with Esha’s feat?

But that’s for later. For now, we only wonder if such insect-inspired scenes are necessary for thrills. What do you think, readers – would Raaz 3 be any less thrilling without this cockroach sequence?