Why would Shraddha Kapoor not commit to Aditya Roy Kapur?

Why would Shraddha Kapoor not commit to Aditya Roy Kapur?
Yogen Shah

The Aashiqui 2 actors are an off-screen couple too but they’ve commitment issues. Read on to know why

There’s something going on between onscreen aashiqs Shraddha Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapur, off the screen too. The two are very much in love, but they won’t commit. The reason is that Shraddha Kapoor is afraid to commit considering Aditya’s wild past. We can’t blame her, no? However, a secret birdie also adds that Shraddha is still not over her ex-boyfriend. Meanwhile, Aditya is head over heels in love with Shraddha and is trying his best to woo and win her heart!

Well, if Aditya is trying his best to prove his loyalty, we wonder if Shraddha is afraid to commit ‘coz of his past or her own… Now, we’ll have to wait and watch if these lovebirds will have a happily ever after. Fingers crossed!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Khwahish

    Aditya and Shraddha are like two sides of river whose relationship will end as bay ,both will unite.

    • aditya roy kapour

      Hii adi and shraddha you are very good cupel so you can not fight between your relation ship and safe also your relationship please!

  • Aish Khan

    media please leave them alone…

  • shruti yadav

    adi and shraddha pls safe your relation

  • ar jain

    i love you shrddha

  • Ujala khan

    Hi both f u guyzz …shradha dont’ leave him agr mujhy aadi pehly mila hota to i gonna fight wd u ….so patchup btw u both cute coupple

  • Jai

    God knows….whats going on between them……bt as an audience i must say that they look fabulous together as onscreen couple…. Bt this doesnt makes it mandatory to be same off screen too……its all n all their individual choices…….n they both seems to be that much intelligent to handle this thing….all the best for your professional n personal life too…..god bless u both…….and pls keep entertaining us with more of gud works……

  • Aisha

    I dont think this is right, if he is committed it obviously means something. Who gives a crap about his past, people change. Obviously if they do split up we all know what had triggered it! media and their bias views. VERY UNFAIR to speak negative, second chances do exist yanoe…..

  • jahnvi

    Aditya & Shradda looks together just mindblowing.

  • Reizma

    Both are nice couple… But….. Ilike Aditya so much… He has cute smile..

  • ragul

    hi!my frnds due to this issue my oppenion is to commit aditya,coz in my point of view his luv is true and he’s expressing it legibly.so ill be happy if these lovebirds start their new journey as lovers