Why so quiet, Mahaakshay?

Mithun Chakraboty’s eldest son had a low-key 27th birthday

Unlike his peers who throw lavish and loud parties and have the cops at their doorsteps, the young actor Mahaakshay Chakraborty, recently seen in Haunted, celebrated a quiet birthday a month back. Instead of painting the town red with friends, the 27-year-old actor spent the day with his family at home. “It was a quiet family lunch. I prefer spending my birthday with those I cherish. I am no party animal,” says Mahaakshay when asked about his birthday celebrations. The son of the original Disco Dancer Mithun Chakraborty, Mahaakshay had an unfortunate start with Jimmy. The film was a flop and he went underground until recently. During his days of hibernation, the young actor worked on his acting skills and also changed his name from Mimoh to Mahaakshay. And it seems it proved lucky – his new film Haunted 3D was an unexpected winner at the box office. At the moment, he is working on his next film, a comedy titled Tukka Fit, with a new director. And it looks like he is taking his work a tad too seriously. Mahaakshay says, “Success comes with responsibility. I want to do films that will make my dad proud.” Given that he had a disastrous debut we understand the caution, but no work and no play makes any boy dull.